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The map or world map is the way of navigating the game world in the Hearts of Iron IV mod Old World Blues. The map provides insight into where most tactical and strategic decisions happen, as well as also providing information related to these purposes, such as weather, air combat, land combat, naval combat, and buildings.




Map divisions

The map can be divided into three divisions:

  • Provinces are the smallest division of the map. It is here that terrain, weather, capitals, land combat, supply, and victory points are handled.
  • States are the next smallest division of the map, where construction, manpower, population, and country borders are decided.
  • Strategic Regions are the largest of the divisions, and are where naval combat and air combat occur.

Map modes

Using different map modes, you can alter the information presented on the map. These map modes can be activated by either clicking on the appropriate button (icon) located in the lower right corner of the main screen or by pressing the associated hotkey. Additional map modes can be revealed by clicking the "open all" arrow button.