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Welcome to the Old World Blues Wiki!
Welcome to the fan run wiki for Old World Blues, a mod for the Paradox grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV. It is set in the world of the Fallout video game series, featuring aspects from both the mainline games, the spin-offs, as well as fan-made expansions on regions and locations, to create a thematic exploration of post-nuclear ethics in a war-torn wasteland.

Welcome to the Old World Blues Wiki

Welcome to the Old World Blues Wiki page for the Hearts of Iron IV Mod: Old World Blues. The wiki is under construction, please feel free to contribute information. If you need help, please contact an administrator.

Here you can find Nations, Submods, Strategies, or just general information about the Fallout universe, or custom Old World Blues story elements.

The mod is currently very active and being worked on, you can find the Discord here.

The official Paradox Interactive download page can be found here.

Those who wish to play with the Legacy (2020) version of the mod on Steam can download it here.

If you wish to create a page, feel free to do so, just remember to fact check and always follow the proper formatting.


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