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Scenarios are the opening selection of 5 regions, each with their own nations, resources, and climates, available to players upon beginning a new game.

The five scenarios are described as the following:

West Coast

Scorched by nuclear fire, and the flames of wars to follow, the West Coast of America has many stories to tell. This is where the Master formed Unity, where the Enclave announced themselves to the world, and where the NCR was born. It is a crucible of great and terrible powers, and the decisions made by its past inhabitants echo across the wasteland to this day. The influence of the West Coast cannot be overstated, within its lands are numerous powerful nations, such as the scheming city states New Reno and Vault City, the aloof and often righteous Desert Rangers, and the staunch and decaying Brotherhood of Steel. The West is the land of aging titans and rising superpowers.

Despite already overcoming many crises, the West Coast is far from safe. The balance of power is in a state of upheaval as the NCR, bloated and overstretched, struggles to keep the Republic intact and exert its true power. Worse still, the security the Colorado afforded the NCR is a thing of the past: as the East has fallen to a conqueror. Caesar's Legion, a mighty slaver empire ruled by a former Follower that follows Roman doctrine and enforces luddism, continues to empower itself with blood and soil, threatening the status quo with sharpened sticks and machetes. These two powers will inevitably collide, the Bull skewering a sickened Bear upon its horns, and the fragile peace of the last few decades will be burned away once again.
- Scenarios region overview quote

West Coast Nations


A land of preserved and mutated national beauty, Mexico's sweeping vistas are lightly dusted with radiation, thick with bandidos and those who oppose them. Its population lives day to day under a warm sun, cutting through mutated jungles to prospect forgotten cities, leading caravans from the seat of democracy to the halls of an empire. Pre-war cartels who once dominated the entire country continue to operate in the modern day, with drastically fewer clientèle, and an increasingly deadlier selection of drugs and services. American influence can still be felt in territories immediately south of the Rio Grande, where the descendants of American occupiers pass the torch of democracy to their fellow Mexicans.

The American Army didn't just leave their offspring throughout the north of Mexico. Nestled at the crossroads of their troop and resource networks, a vast military complex whose name has been lost to time stares out at the world with dead eyes. Clicking away deep within its heart, beneath layers of the best automated security America had to offer, Tlaloc resides. Petro-Chico's very own A.I., a military super-computer sold to them by the Americans in return for the rights to occupy Mexico and molest its resources. Tlaloc was charged with ensuring the flow of oil from Mexico to America, keeping facilities and people safe. Almost two hundred years later, it is alone, and falling apart at the seams as its own sub-processes threaten to erase and replace it.
- Scenarios region overview quote

Mexico Nations


Ever since the Brotherhood of Steel showed up, Texas has been a downright friendly place. Stop by the brothels of Carbon, catch a roller derby, or listen to Mr. Entertainment's crooning voice. But trouble theatens the respectable folk of Texas. The raiders of Carthage are acting up, and the robots of Santa Anna wade into the Rio Grande. Tensions smoulder along the Rio as the TAA dreams of an capitalist utopia. Rosado dreams of bringing progress and development to all the Wastes. Shale plots to revive the Master's dream.

And lurking on the horizon is Lanius, who comes to bring the word of Caesar to a fallen land. He will not rest until he washes his bloody sword in the Gulf. Who can stand against him? It may be time for the people of Texas to revive their old nation and motto -- 'Come and Take It!'
- Scenarios region overview quote

Texas Nations


The untouched beauty of often savage, but always untamed wilderness permeates what once composed the state of Utah. The fall of civilization in the wake of nuclear Armageddon gave rise to many tribes and cultures, whose nature seems to reflect the land they inhabit.
The WhitelegsIn-game spelling, crazy hornsIn-game spelling and tar walkersIn-game spelling are just three of the many tribes that fight and feud over control of what might be the world's last untouched paradise.
Travelling further north towards the great salt lakeIn-game spelling one may eventually reach New Canaan the lone beacon of knowledge that has withstood the test of time. Its inhabitants, perhaps the last members of the church of latter day saints, still carry out the work of their ancestors, seeking to spread the word to the people of the area and although some have chosen to accept their message, many more still remain in opposition.
The work of their missionaries is undoubtedly threatened, the undoubtedly dangerous exiles from Sac City feared under the moniker of the 80s, as well as the increasingly bold savages of the white legs tribe both seek to extend their influence in the region and the tribes might once again find themselves drawn into conflict.
- Scenarios region overview quote

Utah Nations

Northern Commonwealth

The Northern United States, without a clear governing body, has fallen into a state of quieted madness from the Pacific all the way inland to the Dakotas. To the west, the once-powerful Wardens of the White have fallen into ruin as a dark Brotherhood stormed Washington not long ago. Cruel warriors emerge from long-forgotten caverns in search of fame and fortune within the desolation of the Whiteout, a thousand spears all coalescing on the City of Goodwill itself. To the east, in Montana, ghosts of the Midwest gather strength on either side of the state in preparation of a great battle. MacArthur, itself a colony of Chicago, pays its dues on time and within reason-- the families of Missoula playing their part as needed. To the east, a new Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel has just made landfall in search of a traitor, but what they found is more than they ever could have bargained for. All the people of the north can do is hope to survive this battle of burgeoning behemoths..." '
- Scenarios region overview quote

Northern Commonwealth Nations

Canadian Prairies

If one were to choose a word that outlined the struggles and history of the Northern Prairies, it would be decay. Long ago, when humanity was wiped away with the push of a button, a majority of Canada maintained itself under the banner of the Canadian People's Front. A force dedicated to directly challenging the Americans authority within Canada, they would outlive their enemy and continue to exert its influence within the north. Day by day, piece by piece, they attempted to unite Canada. But it was not to be. Its forces were stretched, its politics were deadly. Each misstep bringing it closer to its end; suffering a slow and bloated death. Its overextension left its core territories weak, their cries falling on deaf ears as The CPF fell victim to tunnel vision. A mass civil war occurred between the Canadian People’s Front and the People’s Front of Canada; further solidifying the dying regime.Now the CPF is a hollow shell of what it once was, reduced to further infighting after the death of chairman Allison Brude, causing the shattering; The CPF was no more. Now the remnants of the CPF gather themselves for one final war, with players both new and old attempting to secure their future. The mighty Kingdom of Manitoba , which had risen out of the ashes of the CPF, has fallen to ruin, as rebellions broke out within its Eastern and Western territories leading to the death of their previous king, humiliating the once great empire. Tensions rise within the Bloody Electorals as rumors' of corruption spread around. The newly formed Great Stampede continues to exert its influence, bringing terror to its neighbours. All the while, Destiny continues her evil machinations hidden deep within the Manifest Facilities. The winds of change approach quickly, and the people sharpen their knives."
- Scenarios region overview quote

Canadian Prairies Nations


Covered by an infinite blizzard in the north, pirates raiding the coasts, the south infested with cannibals, and the only source of order having been destroyed by metal men covered in black armor. Those who have yet to flee live hellish lives in a frosty waste that knows no heroes. In Washington, the once-great Wardens of the White have fled across the north, splintering in each and every direction. Lance Squadron, an expedition of the great Midwestern Brotherhood that destroyed the Wardens, now bicker over Seattle and the chains that bind them. To the east, raiders and settlers alike east lick their wounds and scheme in the backyards of a religious crusading cult. In Oregon, the cannibalistic tribes must combat their hunger for humans, or become slaves to it-- not unlike the emerging super mutants, marching out of their Warren in order to create a new home for their kind. Finally, in the north, forever covered by the Whiteout, blotting out the sun as raiders storm the coast, forcing survivors backed by the monarch of Victoria to desperately defend their home, Cascadia. Change is on the wind, and it is violent, but this does not mean despair; there is hope as long as there are people to fight for it..."
- Scenarios region overview quote

Cascadia Nations

Other Nations (Player Choice)

The Great War plunged the world into seemingly eternal darkness and threw everything into chaos. People struggled to survive and over the decades the survivors banded into larger and larger groups.

Settlers continue on in an attempt to retain the morals of the old world. Tribals stalk the lands of their ancestors, hunting and avoiding the technology left behind by the old world. Raiders continue to dominate the wasteland, killing, pillaging, and burning. Resources are scarce and the numerous communities of the wasteland are always struggling to survive.
- Scenarios region overview quote