Chickasaw-Muscogee Coalition

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Historical background

The Great War has destroyed much, but it didn't destroy people's need for leisure time and entertainment. It also did not destroy greed and jealousy. The Chicasaw-Muscogee-Coalition are a nation steeped in all of these things. Led by Lushanya Harjo, the head of one of the biggest casino families in the nation, they are powder keg of criminal activity waiting to explode.

All the while strange things are happening to the west threatening not only them, but everyone in the region.
- Scenarios country selection screen quote

Focus tree

Main article : Chickasaw-Muscogee Coalition Focus Events

Starting Position

Chickasaw-Muscogee Coalition starts in South and North Oklahoma between The Last Patrol to the north, Cherokee Nation and Choctaw Nation to the east, Tubeheads to the south, and The Chained Choir and Scrappers Compact to the west. The Canadian Tributary bisects Chickasaw-Muscogee Coalition's territory, with three crossings between Chickasaw-Muscogee Coalition and two crossings to Scrappers Compact. The Cimarron River runs along the north border of Chickasaw-Muscogee Coalition's territory, with two crossings to The Last Patrol. The Red River runs along the south border of Chickasaw-Muscogee Coalition's territory, with two crossings to Tubeheads.

Chickasaw-Muscogee Coalition starts with a production of 1 factory producing Infantry Equipment.

Chickasaw-Muscogee Coalition starts with these division templates:

  • Militia Force (4 Militia battalions)
  • Bouncers (9 Infantry battalions)

Chickasaw-Muscogee Coalition starts with 4 divisions:

  • 4 Bouncers, fully equipped.