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Jacksons is a raider nation in Eastern Montana.

Historical background

A group of Missoula Families usurped by MacArthur.


National spirits

Jacksons start with one national spirit:

Family Ties icon
Family Ties
  • Recruitable Population Factor: -3%
  • Division Recovery Rate: +5.00%
  • Division Attack+5.00%
The Jacksons who survived the flight east are a tight knit lot, unwilling to trust outsiders. But that family loyalty gives them advantages compared to a typical gang.

Starting Position

Jacksons starts in Eastern Montana, between Ruminators and Northern Khans to the west, Marshall Republic and Four Fathers to the east, and Coal Consortium to the north.

Jacksons starts with a production of 1 factories producing Infantry Equipment.

Jacksons starts with these division templates:

  • Mercenaries (4 Militia battalions)
  • Family Guards (5 Infantry battalions)

Jacksons starts with 6 divisions:

  • 6 Family Guards, fully equipped.