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Eureka is a mercenary-based township nation in the West Coast region.

Historical background

Eureka's enduring presence is proof alone that miracles are possible. Driven to the edge of extinction by a Mirelurk invasion after the Great War, Eurekans struggled for generations to maintain a grip on their home. Yet while it has only been a few short decades since the Portmasters expelled the invaders Eureka has now begun to look outwards. The town itself has no interest in expansion, yet every nearby power does. Both Arroyo and the NCR will prove themselves to be existential threats in the coming years.
- Scenarios country selection screen quote

Before the Great War, Eureka was a profitable coastal town, due to its livelihood made by fishing off the coast. After the Great War, this livelihood was compromised by a stray nuke landing near the coast, poisoning the water and vastly reducing aquatic wildlife in the region. Despite this, due to the radiation from the nuke, the surviving wildlife grew large, as the town settled into a new form of normalcy.

This normalcy did not last, as what would come to be known as Mirelurks emerged from the sea, laying waste to much of the town, taking it as the home of their queen, and driving the surviving townsfolk north to the former city of Arcata. In the years that followed, Arcata grew into a thriving city, with the Eurekan townsfolk who wished to reclaim the town becoming known as "Portmasters", those who would fight the Mirelurks in hopes of taking back the town. Despite their hopes, they quickly ended up in a cycle of generations of Portmasters gathering enough supply and men to lay siege to the Mirelurk nest made in their former home, only to fail, leading to the next generation doing the same.

By 2239, the newest Portmaster, Denard Smith,[1] was part of the newest attempt to take back Eureka. In the fight, after many commanding Portmasters were killed, Smith took charge and finally succeeded in killing the queen. With the queen slain, and the Portmasters left without an enemy or goal, the town of Eureka was resettled, with the town becoming known for its peaceful nature in contrast to the hectic and tumultuous wasteland nations around it. In spite of this newfound peace, due to talk of war in every region around Eureka, the nation became a provider of mercenary armies throughout Post-War America.[2]



National spirits

Eureka starts with two national spirits:

Mercenary Army icon
Mercenary Army
  • Division Organization: +10.0%
  • Division Attack: +5.0%
  • Division Defense: +5.0%
  • Max volunteer force divisions: +10
  • Can't Justify Wargoals: Yes
  • Cannot train new divisions normally, but receives caps from sending volunteers and levelling up their starting commanders.
A Rock and a Hard Place icon
A Rock and a Hard Place
  • Stability: +10.00%
  • War Support: -20.00%
  • Can't Have Wargoals Justified On: Yes
Trapped between the growing power of Arroyo to the north and the overwhelming strength of the NCR to the south, they face increasingly limited diplomatic options. At the very least, they don't have to fear outside influence.
Will be removed 31 December, 2279.


Portrait Leader Ideology Party In power (2275) Popularity Unique portrait? Description Leader trait Notes
Portrait portmaster leader.png
Portmaster Smith Elites Portmasters Yes 45% Yes "Mirelurks are one battle I'm willing to fight. People are an entirely different creature. 'Lurks have shells. People have minds. That's all you need to know." In 2239, Denard Smith became the first Portmaster to retake Eureka after leading his men into battle and successfully defeating the mirelurks that threatened the city, being forced into the position due to the death of the actual portmaster leaders during the final fight. Despite not being a natural leader, Smith's martial prowess and leadership earned him the respect of this peers. Although Smith now commands a loyal army and a reclaimed home, he lacks charisma and political skill, and can easily be outmaneuvered by the growing Granite Company presence or the actions of a rapidly-changing Arroyo. While Smith has some understanding of the threats posed by the NCR and Arroyo, he is not a skilled statesman and is not focused on establishing an efficient administration or infrastructure projects. With the city under his control for over 35 years, Smith must now find purpose for his elite army and ensure the safety and prosperity of Eureka in the face of external threats.
Portrait douglas enclave.png
Douglas Granite Intellectuals Grantie Company No 21% Yes ---
Portrait hubology leader.png
Richard Goldman People Hubologists No 14% Yes ---
Portrait eur regulator leader.png
Mr. Johnson Ruler Regulators No 20% Yes --- Paranoid


Conscription Law

The wasteland is an unhospitable place, a good defence force is more than justified. However with the increasing percentage of settlers dedicated to defence, the workshops slow down ever more. (Generic/minor countries start at Funded militias)

Settlement Protection icon
Settlement Protection
  • Mobilization speed: +4.00%
  • Recruitable population: 4.00%
  • Construction speed: +6.00%
As far back as the rebuilding of civilization, a system of decentralized and localized levying of troops contained to individual settlements have served us well in every conflict until now. While not effective on a strategical scale, the recruitment of officers and building of regional training bases let us leave soldiers relatively close to home, boosting moral as well as civilian manpower.

Wasteland Militias icon
Wasteland Militias
  • Mobilization speed: +6.00%
  • Recruitable population: 6.00%
  • Construction speed: +3.00%
With the constantly emerging threat of the wasteland and neighbouring nations, it would do us well to reform our army into something more strategically sound. Organizing levies into regional militias let us improve our command effectiveness without pulling them from their homes, and increased funding allocated to training and recruitment increases our forces.

Funded Militias icon
Funded Militias
  • Mobilization speed: +8.00%
  • Recruitable population: 8.00%
Investing even more into our organization is a sound decision, considering the state of the wasteland. Pulling funds toward the construction of military bases let us concentrate our forces even more, as well as providing a reinforced structure within which our soldiers can train more freely with their new "toys" that our taxpayers gracefully helped acquire.

Two Year Conscription icon
Two Year Conscription
  • Mobilization speed: +10.00%
  • Recruitable population: 10.00%
Forcing a conscription onto our population might make a lot of people very unhappy, but it is sadly a decision we will have to take to prepare properly. To minimize the effects of conscription, a two year rotation will be put into law, which should provide our conscripts with some breathing room and a light at the end of the tunnel.

Four Year Conscription icon
Four Year Conscription
  • Mobilization speed: +12.00%
  • Recruitable population: 12.00%
Extending the conscription to a four year rotation will considerably increase our available manpower, but with it comes consequences. Massive funding has to be allocated to train conscripts to a decent standard for our army, and moral is slowly degrading even if our citizens understand our situation. We must be careful if we are to go further.

Service Until Dismissal icon
Service Until Dismissal
  • Mobilization speed: +15.00%
  • Recruitable population: 15.00%
  • Factory Output: -3.00%
As of now, our government has officially declared a state of emergency. Every conscription centre is to pull overtime, and conscripts will only be dismissed when we deem them no longer useful, or the emergency passes. With moral now plummeting as civilians are even pulled from the factories and their homes, we must remember we are doing this to preserve our way of life.

War Never Changes icon
War Never Changes
  • Mobilization speed: +20.00%
  • Recruitable population: 20.00%
  • Factory Output: -6.00%
Civilians ripped from their homes, fathers, mothers; sons, daughters. But what choice do we have against the apocalypse? Are we to leave ourselves perish, are we not to rage against our fate until the bitter end? Already, the forced conscriptions and training leave kind-hearted people into empty shells. Our nation might never forgive us. Our citizens will hate us, our officers will resent us, and our culture might never recover fully. But it is all worth it if only to leave a hateful nation standing. Damned be the wasteland for leaving us no choice, and damned be our souls for going down this path. War truly never changes.


Starting Industry
Arms workshop Naval dockyard Civilian workshop
1 1 1
Starting Resources
Water Energy Scrap Metal Composite Materials Circuitry Advanced Components
13 12 14 5 7 0


Basic Intermediate Sophisticated
Techtree tab infantry.png
Research comp bg s.png Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab support.png
Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab infantry.png
Special Forces
Research comp bg s.png Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab infantry.png
Power Armour
Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab armour.png
Research comp bg s.png Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab robotics.png
Research unavb bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Basic Intermediate Sophisticated
Techtree tab air.png
Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab naval.png
Naval Vessels
Research comp bg s.png Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab industry.png
Research comp bg s.png Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab engineering.png
Research comp bg s.png Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab industry.png
Research comp bg s.png Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab industry.png
Research comp bg s.png Research comp bg s.png Research comp bg s.png

Starting Position

Eureka starts off to the north of the Navarro Territories, west to the Packers, and south from Umbra

The order of battle starts production with 1 factory producing Infantry Equipment.

The division templates used are:

  • Portmasters (6 Infantry battalions)
  • Regulators (10 Spec-Ops battalions with Anti-Tank and Demolition support companies)
  • Rapid Response Divisions (9 divisions of Power Armor with Demolitions and Chems support companies)
  • Eureka Motorgangers (5 Motorized battalions)
  • True Fisherman (8 Infantry battalions with Recon, Dogs, and Fireteam support companies)
  • Metalbreakers (8 Infantry battalions with Demolitions and Anti-Tank support companies)
  • Enclave Auxiliaries (8 Infantry battalions with Demolitions and Chems support companies)

The order of battle spawns 6 units:

  • 2 divisions of Portmasters, fully equipped.
  • 2 divisions of Regulators, fully equipped.
  • 2 divisions of Rapid Response Divisions, fully equipped.

Unique Systems

Eureka starts off unable to recruit divisions through the recruit and deploy menu, however they have a set of decisions that raise divisions and equipment in exchange for Army EXP and Caps respectively. When you send volunteers to nations at war, you will also receive a payment of 40.0 thousand Caps.

Behind the scenes

  • KD created Eureka, due to it being their first solo nation.


  1. @KD Question, is "Smith" the Portmaster's first or last name?
    KD: "Last"
    What's his first name?
    KD: "Denard"
    - Obtained from Discord, 6/11/2022
  2. Map Development Diary #3 (4.0 Dev Diary #3 - From the Sea)