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The Old Country are a settler nation based in Central Washington.

Historical background

Grozdan has tried his best to stake out his own little claim of peace in the north for years. With the recent collapse of the Wardens of the White, and the recent scheming of the Rotpurgers, things are brewing to a point he can no longer ignore. The Old Country will need to brace for what is to come, lest it be consumed in the tides of evil that brew in the north...
- Scenarios country selection screen quote


National spirits

The Old Country start with two national spirits:

Legacy of Vault 100 icon
Legacy of Vault 100
  • Consumer Goods Factories: -4.0%
  • Stability: +10.00%
  • Industry Technology Research Speed: +6%
  • Construction Research Speed: +6
Vault 100, built under pre-war Spokane, was one of the largest Vaults ever constructed by Vault-Tec. Designed to house over 1200 occupants, the Vault was purposefully built large to facilitate the twisted experiment run within its walls. Under the careful observation of the Overseer, radiation was purposefully let into the living quatersIn-game spelling of a portion of the Vault's occupants. For the first decade the effects were unnoticableIn-game spelling, but over time a significant minority of the Vault Dwellers slowly mutated into intelliigentIn-game spelling ghouls. Those Dwellers who remained 'pure' grew horrified of their irradiated kin, and before long civil war broke out in the Vault. The ghouls gained the upper hand when they seized control of the Overseer's armoury, forcing the human faction to make their escape to the surface and flee east. Now, we remain in control of Spokane, but the ancestors of the humans who were hellbent on erradicatingIn-game spelling us seem to still want revenge.
The Last Homely House icon
The Last Homely House
  • Divisions speed: +3.50%
  • Resource Gain Efficiency: +10.00%
  • Monthly Population: +7.5%
The ruins of Spokane, and the home we have made for ourselves out of them, are widely aknowledgedIn-game spelling to be the last bastion of "civilisation" before the cold, dark plains of what once was Canada. As such, we're often the last nation prospectors, scrappers and budding adventurers stop off in before venturing out to the frozen north. Many of these travellersIn-game spelling decide they'd actually quite like to stay in our land, rather than risk almost certain death for almost no benefit.


Portrait Leader Ideology Party In power (2275) Popularity Unique portrait? Description Leader trait
James McCellan People Northern Tourists No 0.00% No --- ---
Portrait grozdan haykov.png
Grozdan Haykov Intellectuals Vault 100 Survivours Yes 40.00% Yes Grozdan Haykov was, before the Great War, a Bulgarian-born logistics wizard. One of many brilliant minds 'liberated' by the United States government shortly after Europe fell into civil war, Grozdan was posted to Spokane to assist with the ever-increasing logistical mess that was supplying the American garrison in Canada. Due to his importance he, like many other great minds that resided in Spokane, was assigned a spot in Vault 100. One of the first exposed to the radiation that seeped into Vault 100 under Vault-Tec's orders, Grozdan quickly arose to become one of the leading figures of the ghoulish quarter of Vault 100. A constant advocate for negotiation and escalation, even Grozdan was powerless to prevent the 'Great Revolt': an all-out civil war between the human and ghoul factions of Vault 100. When the humans finally broke out of the vault and fled east, Grozdan was left to pick up the pieces and attempt to forge a new Spokane. Logistical Genius
Portrait julius brandt.png
Julius Brandt Elites Wardens of the White No 52.00% Yes "We offer safety. Not freedom." Though he'd never admit it, Julius once fought for America inthe early years of the Canadian occupation. This only served to jade him, weathering him into a bitter, calculating man: one who would go on to form the Whitewarden Private Military Corporation. In a fit of cure irony, the United States hired him and his sortie, sending them to Canada to occupy the Alaskan Pipeline and secure if from foes with and without. Little did he know, then, that he and his men would be effectively stranded in the winter wilds as nuclear hell ravaged the world beyond recognition. Those who survived in his charge-inculding himself-had turned to ghouls, now clinging to their poorly-made, mass-produced black ops gears the only sense of identity they still had. For years, Julius led the Wardens to success in dominating Washinton state, bringing a sense of power and control back to their name. Of course, as the Immortal had proven, this confidence had grown too big, and now he has to start from scrathc all over again. if you asked how he was doing, he'd tell you he still misses the days when his greatest present issue were Olympus trial's and clever Yakama ploys. Logistical Genius
Gunther Morris Ruler Ice Picks No 8.00% No ---

Focus Tree

Generic Cascadian Economic Tree

This is the Shared economic tree for most Cascadian nations, it has 3 branch's. The firsts gives production and infastrucer bonuses, the second gives arms workshops bonuses and the third give electronics a efficacy buffs. The tree also grants a research slot.

Generic Cascadian Army Tree

This is the Shared army tree for most Cascadian nations, it contains three branch's. The first focuses on defense giving cold attrition bonus, after outpost construction speed and higher manpower. The second focuses on arms, you have to choose between quantity of arms or quality of arms, also spawning four units of men at arms for free. The thrid focuses on navel, Giving research and production bonus.

Shared War for Vault 100 Tree

This tree is shared by The Old Country and the Rotpurgers, This gives basic bonus for the war at the end of the tree between the two nations. Giving caps, army experience, recourses, factories and basic weapons. It also gives research bonus to infantry tech and industry. It also gives a special spirt that gives faster division speed and lowers training time. At the end the two nations will go to war with each other.

Shared The Fate of Spokane Tree

This tree is shared by The Old Country and the Rotpurgers, it gives bonus to help after the war and allows you to choose the country's path. It gives an extra research slot and a bunch of free factories and generic buffs to help sett you up for your up coming conquest. At the end of the tree you choose which faction will lead the nation. The Old Country have two possible paths, Julius and his Wardens of the White or Gorzdan who will make the state of Spokane.

Wardens of the White, Julius Branch


Basic Intermediate Sophisticated
Techtree tab infantry.png
Research comp bg s.png Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab support.png
Research comp bg s.png Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab infantry.png
Special Forces
Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab infantry.png
Power Armour
Research unavb bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab armour.png
Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab robotics.png
Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Basic Intermediate Sophisticated
Techtree tab air.png
Research comp bg s.png Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab naval.png
Naval Vessels
Research comp bg s.png Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab industry.png
Research comp bg s.png Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab engineering.png
Research comp bg s.png Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab industry.png
Research comp bg s.png Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab industry.png
Research comp bg s.png Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png

They can gain access then the special Cybernetic tech tree

The Rotpurgers start with these tech already researched

  • Pipe Guns
  • Basic Melee Weapons
  • Crowd Control Gear
  • M SAW
  • Dynamite
  • Canoe Hull
  • Waterproof Sealing
  • Tool Procurement
  • Industry Planning
  • Construction Basics

Starting Position

The Old Country start east of the Rotpurgers whom is there main opponent. North of The Timberline, west of Yakama Nation. south of Syilx Nation and south west of the Passkeepers.

he order of battle starts production with 3 factories producing pipe guns, 2 Crowd Control Gear , 1 Dynamite, 1 automatic weapons.

The Starting divisionin templets are

  • Spokene Setteler (4 militia battalions)
  • Old Company (6 Ghoul Infantry battalions)
  • Warden Remnants (6 enfocer battalions)

he order of battle spawns 7 units

  • 4 Old Company
  • 3 Warden Remnants

Behind the scenes

  • According to Looneybinjin in 2017, Grozdan, the leader of the nation, was not a Pre-War ghoul, but was rather a Desert Ranger who was abandoned by his fellow Rangers, resulting in him becoming a Ghoul.[1] However, Grozdan's leader description describes him as a Bulgarian-born logistical expert who was liberated by the United States after Europe fell into civil war, in addition, no mention of him being a Desert Ranger is given.
    • In 2022, Looneybinjin clarified that Grozdan, as well as the rest of The Old Country, was expanded to provide a distinct character for him. However, the original intent was to display the scale of morality the Desert Rangers had, with the ghoulification reflecting that they were not wholly good.[2]


  1. Looneybinjin: "Old Country is a Ghoul Territory. That is to say they are a faction made up almost entirely of intelligent Ghouls, and start with Ghoul units and infantry unlocked. Usually, one can only get ghouls via events, due to their rarity. Old Country, needless to say, has a shcokingIn-game spelling amount of expertise in the form of man old and intelligent Pre-War Ghouls. Narratively speaking, they serve as a potential enemy or ally of the Washington Brotherhood of Steel. Their leader is not a pre-war ghoul, rather he's a Desert Ranger who quit after being left for dead by his companions long ago, an abandonment that lead him to become a ghoul. He's an isolationist who really doesn't like the fact that he's in charge, and mostly just lets the Old Country Run itself, but at the end of the Day, He's a ranger, and he'll risk everything to protect his people. (He's a bit racist towards soft skins.) He actually gets along very well with the Leader of the Washington BoS, for reasons Edd may or may not explain. Dunno if that's a secret."
    - Obtained from Discord, 6/4/2017
  2. Lore question about The Old Country, although it's been almost 5 years since the original idea/concepts were made, was the aspect of Grozdan Haykov being a former Desert Ranger (abandoned by them and becoming a Ghoul due to their abandonment) changed or removed at any point after the nation's creation/update, or was the plan reworked to have them as a Bulgarian-turned-American logistical expert?
    Looneybinjin: "The original concept was very much a tragedy meant to highlight the fact that many of the desert rangers are not good people, and they've got their scale of good to bad just like everyone else. I believe his story was expanded because the end result was him being defined by his interaction with another group, rather than being his own character."
    - Obtained from Discord, 2/8/2022