The Timberline

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The Timberline are a civilized settler nation based in North Oregon.

Historical background

A group influenced by the Pre-War ideals of the Pioneer Scouts of America, the Timberline act as a hybrid of traditional lumberjacks and forest/park rangers,[1] focused on preserving the outdoor experience of their nation, at the cost of foregoing advanced and industralized technologies.[2]


National spirits

The Timberline starts with two national spirits:

Scouting Heritage icon
Scouting Heritage
  • Division Attrition: -10.0%
  • Reconnaissance: +10.0%
  • Special Forces Minimum Capacity: +60%
  • Appeal to Refugees: +25.00%
  • Acceptance of People Diplomacy: +15%
Strongly influenced by the descendants of a Pioneer Scouts of America jamboree taking place outside of Wallowa when the bombs fell, the people of [TIM.GetNameDef] are unusually talented at navigating the wasteland and fielding capable rangers.

The relative peace of the small nation and strong willingness to provide for those in need allows [TIM.GetNameDef] to attract the bulk of refugees fleeing the ever-present conflict throughout the rest of Oregon.
File:Leave No Trace.png
Leave No Trace
  • Robot Research Speed Research Speed: -50%
  • Energy Weaponry Research Speed: -50%
  • Power Armor Technology Research Speed: -50%
One poorly located campsite or campfire may have little significance, but thousands of such instances seriously degrade the outdoor experience for all. The effects of military robotics, bulky power armor, and firestarting energy weapons are infinitely worse.

Behind the scenes

  • The Timberline originated as a community-suggested nation known as "Lumberjack Tribe", suggested by the user Zaczac121. Their description was as follows:
"The Lumberjack tribe is a tribe of Canadians who had discovered a holotape from the ruins of an old building, in this holotape was a song, which they deemed the holy song and soon they formed the Lumberjack tribe. This tribe was peculiar as they would wear various bits of female clothing along with having the knowledge of tree-felling."
(Defunct) Nation Suggestions Google Document
  • According to Zusk, the Timberline were added for the following reasons: Providing a "good guy" nation to contrast the "evil motherfuckers" making up the rest of the region, as well as moving the Yakama Nation to a more sensical location.[3]


  1. the witch: "Lumberjack flavor has slowly dropped in favor of Forestry Service/Scout vibes, and they won't have access to advanced melee tech anyway.
    I'm not super concerned about giving them a cosmetic for a tech they generally can't reach, and for a weapon line they won't get many buffs/rewards for."

    - Obtained from Discord, 6/5/2021
  2. I suggest that timberline get's powerfist or common weaponry replaced with a modified nuclear chainsaw from previous tier that can can either fire chain blade and/or be thrown with reactor going critical.
    the witch: "Timberline aren't big fans of nuclear anything, tbh. They may begrudgingly use micro-fusion powered vehicles, but in general they're opposed to any technology that's going to result in critical reactors in their forests.
    Most of their power generation is actually geothermal.
    Note their national spirits."

    - Obtained from Discord, 6/5/2021
  3. Zusk: "Honestly just search the doc for things related to the name and you can find it pretty easily, but I won't give a direct hint.

    The reason we added Timberline was mostly because
    A) We wanted a good guy nation in the region, to contrast with the evil motherfuckers all around.
    B) Yakama didn't actually make sense in that location, since the IRL Yakama Nation is where they are on the Land of Monsters map."

    - Obtained from Discord, 12/31/2019