Kingdom of Manitoba

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The Kingdom of Manitoba is a settler nation based in the Western and Central Manitoba areas of The Great North region.

Historical background

A settler nation with several puppets of their control nearby.


National spirits

The Kingdom of Manitoba starts with no national spirits.


Starting Position

Kingdom of Manitoba starts in Western and Central Manitoba, between Riding Mountain Moosketeers and The Boggy March to the north, The Langenburg March and Metis Congress to the west, The Old Believers to the south, and Neutral Zone to the east.

Kingdom of Manitoba starts with a production of 4 factories producing Infantry Equipment.

Kingdom of Manitoba starts with these division templates:

  • Militia Force (4 Militia battalions)
  • Infantry Brigade (5 Infantry battalions)

Kingdom of Manitoba starts with 4 divisions:

  • 4 Infantry Brigade, fully equipped.

Behind the Scenes

  • Originally, the Kingdom of Manitoba was known as the Kingdom of Brandon, after the town of Brandon, Manitoba,[1] which still serves as its capitol in-game. The name was changed due to the influence of the memetic statement of "Let's Go Brandon", which refers to a derogatory statement referring to real-world United States President Joe Biden.[2]


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    it used to be called Kingdom of Brandon, until the real world Biden memes became a consideration"

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