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The Broken Coast is a Raider nation in British Columbia.

Historical background

For the seasoned wastelander. Frigid outcroppings of stone and shattered prewar vessels compliment the twisted nature of the Broken Coast well, its shoreline dotted with miniature tragedies. Life along the coast is hard, and raiding is all the people there know. To them, violence is life itself.

The ancestors of the current pirates of the Broken Coast endured The Great Blizzard, an event immediately following the Great War, that blocked out the sky and killed untold thousands. Survival is in their blood. When settlers spot raiders from the Broken Coast, they don't fight: they run.
- Scenarios country selection screen quote



National spirits

The Broken Coast starts with two national spirits:

Society of Raiders icon
Society of Raiders
  • Recruitable Population: 5.00%
  • Division Attrition: -10.0%
  • Winter Attrition: -75.0%
  • Research Speed: -4.00%
Loot is a strong drive for the inhabitants of the Broken Coast, many of the hardened raiders from all over come together to seek their fortunes in combat. These raiders are born and raised in the frigid mountains, and bathed in the icy wind of the sea making them extremely resistant to the cold. That being said, all that time spent focused on raiding makes innovation... a bit of a lower priority.
Coastal Terror icon
Coastal Terror
  • Fleet Coordination: +35%
  • Naval Hit Chance: +15%
  • Spotting Speed: +20%
  • Retreat Decision Chance: +75%
  • Fleet speed while retreating: +50%
  • Naval max range factor: +50.00%
  • Amphibious Invasion Speed: +25.0%
  • Convoy Raiding Efficiency: +50.00%
  • Escort efficiency: +25.0%
  • Naval base construction speed: +25.00%
Our ships can reach anywhere! Experienced sailors are common in the coast, which comes in handy when a lot of loot is waiting to be taken from distant lands, or ships carrying goods need to be pursued and plundered.


Starting Industry
Arms workshop Naval dockyard Civilian workshop
3 11 5
Starting Resources
Water Energy Scrap Metal Composite Materials Circuitry Advanced Components
8 10 8 10 4 0

Starting Position

Broken Coast starts in Northwest Columbia, between Dredgers, Whistler, and Kamlo to the east and Koover and New Victoria to the south. Access to the Canadian Coast sea zone is available on the northern and western borders of Broken Coast's territory.

Broken Coast starts with a production of 1 factory making Infantry Equipment.

Broken Coast starts with these division templates:

  • Militia Force (4 Militia battalions)
  • Raiders of the Coast (8 Infantry battalions)

Broken Coast starts with 7 divisions and 1 naval fleet:

  • 7 Raiders of the Coast, fully equipped.
  • 1 fleet named 'The Broken Fleet' containing 3 Raiding Boat, 4 Raiding Yacht, and 2 Raiding Tanker.

Behind the scenes

  • The Broken Coast was created entirely by Mechano.[1]
  • According to Zapdude, the Broken Coast is a byproduct of the tone set in the cancelled Fallout title Fallout Extreme, seeking to paint "an unforgiving hellscape" across the upper northwest regions of North America.[3]


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