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Port Maw is a civilized raider nation in West Oregon.

Historical background

Port Maw is a raider gang, however, their means of operation make them very similar to pirates.[1] Formerly Oregon cannibals, Port Maw operates all shipping and smuggling from the New California Republic and Caesar's Legion through Oregonian and Utahite rivers, having a large navy. The Maw itself is a Pre-War ship carcass.[2]


National spirits

Port Maw starts with two national spirits:

Slaves and Drugs icon
Slaves and Drugs
  • Consumer Goods Factories: 3.0%
  • Passive Caps Income: +12.0
Port Maw's economy is driven almost completetlyIn-game spelling by the sale of slaves and drugs. While the trade may neither be moral nor terribly profitable, Port Maw's unqiueIn-game spelling status as one of the few non-cannibal settlements in OreganIn-game spelling means they get a suprisingIn-game spelling amount of customers. After all, it's better to be hooked on PsycoIn-game spelling than in a cannibal's stew.
Wannabe Criminal Empire icon
Wannabe Criminal Empire
  • Recruitable Population: 3.00%
  • Division Recovery Rate: +2.5%
The gangs of Port Maw have their eyes set on a high prize: to be the hub of a vast criminal empire trading in slaves, smuggled goods and caps. Sadly they face a fair bit of competition, with drugs pouring out of The Den and New Reno, while slaves are readily traded along the northenIn-game spelling coastlines. Regardless, the promise of future glory encourages swathes of desperate young people with no other life prospects to join the gangs. Poor buggers.


Portrait Leader Ideology Party In power (2275) Popularity Unique portrait? Description Leader trait
People People No 7.00% No --- ---
Intellectuals Intellectuals No 1.00% No --- ---
Elites Elites No 6.00% No --- ---
Granger storm.png
Granger Storm Ruler Ruler Yes 86.00% Yes Originally a pirate terrorisingIn-game spelling the shores of OreganIn-game spelling and Northern CalifroniaIn-game spelling, Granger Storm and her gang wrestled control of Port Maw from the Wardens of the White after a bitter turf war. Determined to carve out a criminal empire to rival that of New Reno, Granger personally oversees her gang's extortion, slaving and smuggling. Nobody does business in the city without Storm getting a cut of the profits. Pirate Queen

Behind the scenes

  • According to Mechano, The Maw as a city is evocative of the city of Tortuga, a city seen in the Disney film series Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • In technicality, rather than being a Portland, Oregon city, Port Maw is actually within the geographical area of Astoria, Oregon, a coastal city.[3]
  • Zusk created edited leader portraits for Port Maw.[4]
    • In 2020, Zusk mentioned having Port Maw, as well as the Old Country, being expanded during the 5.1 patch.[5]


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