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Caesar's Legion is an imperialistic, ultra-reactionary totalitarian dictatorship based on large scale slavery and ancient Roman army tactics. Founded in 2247 by Edward Sallow, its Caesar, and Joshua Graham (also known as the Malpais Legate), they start as one of the major powers in the game and the second largest nation in the West (only behind the New California Republic in size, manpower, and industry). As the primary antagonist in Old World Blues, they serve as the arch-rival to the NCR and participate in the two most important events in the game: The First and Second Battle of Hoover Dam. Because of this and their place as the main driving force, they dictate the course of the entire game, as victory or defeat at Hoover Dam ultimately determines the fate of the West, and indirectly, the East and Mexico.

Historical background

Founded by a group of hostages captured by the Blackfoot Tribe, nobody could have realised how far Caesar would take the tribals under him. Almost two decades later and the Legion is fighting numerous wars of conquest, having absorbed tens of tribes and stripped them of their identities; converting them to Caesar's cult of personality.

The Legion must consider its options. The White Legs slowly warm to the them, the Hangdogs and Twin Mothers prepare for war, and the NCR observes from a distance. However, Caesar desires the Twisted Hairs as their conquest will bring him closer to Vegas; his Rome.
- Scenarios country selection screen quote

Starting Position


Caesar's Legion starts in control of a vast empire in what was formally the Southwest United States, controlling most of former Arizona and New Mexico and parts of Southwestern Colorado. His empire is divided by the Lower Colorado River in the North, the Gila Estuary in the West, and the Upper Rio Grande River in the East, offering several natural barriers between him and his enemies. The lands of Caesar's Legion are made up almost entirely of vast desert, with some hills and highlands in the West towards California.

In terms of starting neighbors, Caesar has plenty. Directly "touching" Caesar's Legion (nations not divided by waterways) are Cowboy Country, Two Sun and Baudelio Ranchers to the South, and the Navajo and The Reservation to the Northeast. Lanius's Cohort lies to the East across the Upper Rio Grande, and to the West are Caesar's true goals and enemies; New Vegas, the Mojave Territories, and the New California Republic.

Faction and Allies

Caesar's Legion is the leader of the Caesar's Legion faction, with the Navajo and Two Sun as puppets of Caesar's Legion, and The Reservation as an ally. Lanius's Cohort also starts as an ally in Caesar's Legion, though they will not give much support to Caesar as they have their own goals to achieve.

Caesar's Legion starts with positive relations with Gente del Sol and Tohono Nation, and depending on decisions and focuses, can gain allies and/or puppets in Gente del Sol, Great Khans, Eighties, and/or White Legs to name a few.


Caesar's Legion starts with 23 Military Factories, assigned as following:

  • 10 producing Melee Weapons (Machete)
  • 1 producing Ballistic Equipment (Pipe Guns)
  • 5 producing Spec-Ops Equipment (Tribal Scout Kit)
  • 2 producing Support Equipment
  • 2 producing Demolition Equipment (Dynamite)
  • 1 producing Vehicle Equipment (Bicycle)
  • 1 producing Basic Caravan Equipment
  • 1 unassigned

Caesar's Legion starts with 23 Civilian Factories, of which 16 are required for Consumer Goods, leaving 7 available for use.

Caesar's Legion also starts with 9 Dockyards, but at game start they are all unassigned.

Division Templates and Divisions

Caesar's Legion starts with these division templates:

  • Tribal Militia (4 Militia battalions)
  • Legionary (8 Infantry battalions with a Chem support company)
  • Frumentarii (4 Infantry battalions with a Recon support company)
  • Prime Legionaries (4 Specs-Ops battalions with a Chem support company)

Caesar's Legion starts with 35 divisions:

  • 1 Prime Legionaries, fully equipped
  • 3 Frumentarii, fully equipped
  • 31 Legionary, fully equipped


Caesar's Legion starts with 2 naval fleets:

  • 1 fleet named Classemque Orientis, containing 3 River Boat and 1 Destroyer.
  • 1 fleet named Classemque ad Occidentem, containing 3 River Boat and 2 Destroyer.


National spirits

Caesar's Legion has four National Spirits on Game Start.

Cult of Mars icon
Cult of Mars
  • Army Experience Gain: +20.0%
  • Recruitable Population Factor: -3%
  • War Support: +10.00%
  • Civilian to Military Factory Conversion cost: +20.00%
  • Research Speed: -10.00%
  • Core Creation Cost: -20.0%
  • Military Factory construction speed: +10.00%
The Legion believes Caesar to be the Son of Mars, a god of war who brought a cleansing fire upon the Earth so that his son may conquer it all. They are fiercely devoted to Caesar.

Rejection of Automation icon
Rejection of Automation
  • Robot Research Speed: -60%
  • Energy Weaponry Research Speed: -60%
  • Power Armour Technology Research Speed: -60%
  • Industry Specialization Research Speed: -20%
Caesar has envisaged a society that works together in unison. The re-introduction of machines and other prewar tools would damage the drive Caesar has set forth in his subjects.

The Legion With a State icon
The Legion With a State
  • Resource Gain Efficiency: -25.00%
  • Consumer Goods Factories: 10.0%
  • Military to Civilian Factory conversion cost: -30.00%
  • Civilian to Military Factory conversion cost: -30.00%
  • Occupation Appeal: -25.00%
  • Military Factory construction speed: -30.00%
  • Civilian Factory construction speed: -30.00%
Oh, the Legion has cities, but at the end of the day the society exists to serve the Legion. War is all it knows. For now.

The Eastern Cohort icon
The Eastern Cohort
  • Weekly Manpower: -10
  • Consumer Goods Factories: -3.0%

Legion Training icon
Legion Training
  • Division Experience Gain: +10.0%
  • Special Forces Minimum Capacity: +20
  • Special Ops Attack: +5.00%
  • Special Ops Speed: +10.00%
  • Special Ops Defense: +10.00%


Portrait Leader Ideology Party In power (2275) Popularity Unique portrait? Description Leader trait
Praefectus Julianus People People No 0.00% No --- Fortifications Expert, Political Workhorse
Praefectus Septimus Intellectuals Intellectuals No 0.00% No --- ---
Tribunus Decimus Elites Elites No 30.00% No --- Political Workhorse, Ideological Crusader
Portrait Caesar.png
Caesar Ruler Ruler Yes 70.00% Yes Once a Follower of the Apocalypse named Edward Sallow, Sallow was captured by a primitive tribe on an expedition. For his release, he taught them the doctrine of total war, and lead them to utterly destroy their enemies. They crowned him Caesar, and he began his lifelong conquest as the unchallenged ruler of the Legion. Cruel Tyrant, Warmonger, Conqueror of Tribes



Starting Industry
Arms workshop Naval dockyard Civilian workshop
23 9 23
Starting Resources
Water Energy Scrap Metal Composite Materials Circuitry Advanced Components
50 45 133 34 21 8

|} Because of starting economic laws and The Legion with a State National Spirit, Caesar's Legion only has access to 7 civilian factories for building at the beginning of the game. Along with a lack of civilian factories is an underdeveloped infrastructure system, with only Flagstaff, North and South Phoenix, and Red Sun City having any sort of built-up infrastructure, which results in Caesar's Legion needing to spend significant time to build up the economy to face the might of industrial powerhouses near him.

Legion Denarius Economy

Caesar's Legion utilizes a unique currency called Legion Denarius, as opposed to the NCR Dollar used by the New California Republic and the Bottle Cap used by the rest of the wasteland. Unlike the Bottle Cap, it gives the player a stability and passive caps bonus, as well as reducing country expenses that take up Legion Denarius. All allies of Caesar's legion such as the Navajo and Twin Suns also uses Legion Denarius, and any Bottle Caps or over currency acquired through conquest or other means will be converted to it. Besides the stability and cap bonuses, Legion Denarius is used in the exact same way as other currencies in game.

Legion denarius icon
Legion denarius
  • Stability: +5%
  • Passive Caps : +7
  • Country Expenses: -15%

Starting monetary economy:

Starting Trade Nodes:

Caesar's Legion starts with two trade nodes in Flagstaff and North Phoenix, both at level 1, with no starting trade routes. In most situations, allies of Caesar's Legion, such as the Navajo and Gente Del Sol, establish trade routes to these trade nodes very early on in game, boosting early cap generation.


Basic Intermediate Sophisticated
Techtree tab infantry.png
Research comp bg s.png Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab support.png
Research comp bg s.png Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab infantry.png
Special Forces
Research comp bg s.png Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab infantry.png
Power Armour
Research unavb bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab armour.png
Research comp bg s.png Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab robotics.png
Research unavb bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Basic Intermediate Sophisticated
Techtree tab air.png
Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab naval.png
Naval Vessels
Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab industry.png
Research comp bg s.png Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab engineering.png
Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab industry.png
Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png
Techtree tab industry.png
Research comp bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png Research unavb bg s.png

Focus Tree

Caesar's Legion has one of the largest unique focus tree's in game. It is split into 1 starting branch, 8 main branches and 10 sub-branches. All 10 sub-branches are dependent on who is in charge of the legion after a certain point, and as such, only a few will be unlocked during each game depending on the Legion's leader.

Expedition to Blackfoot Starting Branch

This branch discusses Caesar's rise to prominence, from his time in the Blackfoot tribe, to his relationship with the Navajo and Two Suns, to the rise of his friend Joshua Graham into Malpais Legate, and the role of the Cult of Vulcan, and allows the player to choose Caesar's origin story, granting the player national spirits, stability and war support, and unique starting units depending on the choices selected. Some choices, while granting more in the way of rewards, also increases Caesar's stress levels.

The 87th Tribe Branch

This branch allows for Caesar's Legion to either send support to the Eighties or the White Legs in their conquest of Utah, gaining a potential ally in the Eighties or a puppet in the White Legs if they are successful. Be aware that both tribes can deny help from the Legion, and if that is the case neither will join Caesar's Legion, leaving the rest of the tree almost useless.

Sonora et Chihuahua Branch

This branch gives war goals against Baudelio Ranchers and the Republic of Las Granjas and gives Caesar's Legion compliancy bonuses and factories in those territories once take. The war goal against Las Granjas only unlocks after the Republic of the Rio Grande had their elections.

The Rubicon Branch

This branch helps prepares Caesar's Legion for the Battle of Hoover Dam (see Malpais and the Old-World Wall below for more info). Caesar's Legion can receive attack bonus for border wars at either Hoover Dam or Boulder City and gives several debuffs through events to the Mojave Territories. Despite most of the focus tree being mutually exclusive, you are not forced down one side, allowing for some mix and matching depending on preference. The last two focuses in the branch require either Malpais Legate or Vulpes to have gained some glory.

Uniting the Wastes Branch

This branch serves as the primary Legion industrial branch. The branch itself is split into three different sections. The left and right sections of the branch allow Caesar's Legion to build up their puppets, Navajo (left section) and Two Sun (right section), granting them build slots, infrastructure, factories, and resources, as well as increasing the amount of trade sent to Caesar's Legion. The Navajo section also improves relations with them, making them more loyal to Caesar's Legion. The center section focuses on the Legion itself, specifically Phoenix, and grants infrastructure and factories in the Phoenix area, gives the Legion more Denarius and the build up of the trade node in North Phoenix, and unlocks economic advisors, eventually allowing for the potential of moving the capital to Phoenix. This branch also allows for the improvement of the Legion with a State national spirit, removing the negative modifiers attached and improving build speed of factories and reducing consumer good factories.

The State of the Legion Branch

This branch serves as the primary military branch of Caesar's Legion. Like the industrial branch, it is broken into three sections. The Navajo section grants improvements and increase capacity in the Legion's Special-Ops forces. The Two Sun section grants improvements to motorized units and unlocks Legion Chariots. The center section is the main Legion section, and focuses on either increasing the effectiveness of infantry equipment or support equipment, grants military factories and unique infantry tech, and gives Caesar's Legion more manpower recruitment or organization.

The Loyal Tribe/The Mexican Charisma Branch

This branch revolves around the Ultimo debate between Two Sun and Gente del Sol. The first focus for both groups can be completed either by Caesar's Legion or Two Sun/Gente del Sol, and unlocks the ability to purchases weapons from Gente del Sol. The rest of the branch revolves around increasing the opinions of the main legionaries to support either Two Sun or Gente del Sol and results in the Ultimo Decision, where the Legion will allow Two Sun to keep Ultimo, grant it to Gente del Sol, or to not intervene and let the two nations handle it themselves. The final focus in the branch also improve the Legion in a State National Spirit as well as granting dockyards in Ultimo.

The Bloodied Bull/This was a Triumph Branch

This branch only unlocks in the aftermath of the First Battle of Hoover Dam, and the sub-branch the player will go down depends on the final result of the battle.

  • The Bloodied Bull sub-branch is unlocked if the player fails to take Hoover Dam from the Mojave Territories and is forced back to their starting territory. This sub-branch allows the Legion to deal with Malpais Legate, either keeping him alive and allowing him to gain glory or burning him alive and appointing a new Legate in his place, increasing war support and improving defenses on the Legion side of the Dam. It also allows the Legion to prepare for the inevitable war with the NCR, granting another operative slot in exchange for losing a small amount of weekly manpower until the war with the NCR begins.
  • The This was a Triumph sub-branch is unlocked if the player is successful in taking Hoover Dam and has secured territory from the Mojave Territories. It grants the Legion infantry and support equipment, grants a non-aggression pact with the NCR, and grants a war goal on New Vegas. It also allows the Legion to gain access to Intermediate Air Tech.

To the West Branch

This branch is the Legion's late game branch, and only unlocks after June 1st, 2279. It grants the Legion war goals against the NCR and New Vegas if they went down The Bloodied Bull and war goals against the Western Brotherhood and The Shi, allows for the capital to be moved to New Vegas, and grants war goals and core cost reductions on nations in Utah and Mexico.

The sub-branches are based on Caesar's stress and survival, and are unlocked depending on if Caesar's stress is cured in time and he survives or if he dies, in which case the sub-branch unlocked to the player is determined by who takes his place based on glory (see section on glory for more). There are 7 single sub-branches, one for each potential leader of the Legion, and 3 shared sub-branches. where Caesar, Vulpes, Aurelius, Lucius/Vulcan and Malpais Legate share a branch with one of the other 5. An important aspect to note is the Lucius and Vulcan are the same person; Lucius becomes Vulcan depending on if he embraces the Cult of Vulcan. Lucius only gets his own unique branch should he become Vulcan. Lanius and Caius Drusus only have one unique branch and no shared branches. Caius is only available as a leader if Lanius joins Twin Mothers, in which case all of Lanius's former core lands will side with Caius. These branches are short in nature and are meant to add some extra spice to the game while also improving the Legion based on that leader's traits.

Exercitus Gloria Sub-Branch (Caesar's Branch)

This Caesar's exclusive branch grants research bonuses to support equipment, grants more non-core manpower, and improves the combat stats and capabilities of the Legion's infantry forces.

If There Be Cause Sub-Branch (Malpais Legate Branch)

This Malpais Legate exclusive branch grants research bonuses to support equipment and infantry technology, reduces the production cost of support equipment, and improves the combat stats and capabilities of support divisions.

The Cult of Vulcan Sub-Branch (Vulcan Branch)

This Vulcan Extremist exclusive branch grants advanced infantry equipment, grants an additional research slot. and improves power armor and tank stats and production while also reducing recruitable population.

So You Want to Win Sub-Branch (Aurelius Branch)

This Aurelius exclusive branch reduces production cost of infantry, improves infantry training time, and allows for the use of artillery in battle by the Legion via a unique battle plan decision.

The Fox in the Hen House Sub-Branch (Vulpes Branch)

This Vulpes exclusive branch improves infantry attrition and speed, increases the combat stats and capabilities of Special Forces and Special Ops units, and unlocks Sophisticated Special Forces Tech.

The Monster of the East Sub-Branch (Lanius Branch)

This Lanius exclusive branch improves the combat stats and capabilities of Legion infantry, grants resources and factories in Lanius's Cohort territories, and allows Lanius to either continue Caesar's wish and get war goals against New Vegas and the NCR, or to use the new industry and land and continue East, getting war goals against nations in Texas.

The King of Hades Sub-Branch (Caius Drusus Branch)

This Caius Drusus exclusive branch grants the Legion mutant tech, improves the combat stats and capabilities of mutants, annexes The Reservation and gain access to Basic Robotic Tech and Intermediate Air Tech

Lucius Prevails/We Can't Expect Mars To Do All the Work Sub-Branch (Lucius/Malpais Legate Shared Branch)

This sub-branch opens only if either Lucius or Malpais Legate is leader of the Legion. They share several focuses regardless of whoever is in charge, granting the player Legion Denarius and military and civilian factories at the cost of Legion Denarius.

  • The Lucius Prevails sub-branch grants additonal factories and increased construction speed bonuses, improves recruitable population, increases stability and renames Caesar's Legion into The Commonwealth.
  • The We Can't Expect Mars To Do All the Work sub-branch grants additional factories and improves resource gain efficiency at the cost of stability.

The Desert Fox/The Phoenix King Sub-Branch (Vulpes/Aurelius Shared Branch)

This sub-branch opens only if either Vulpes or Aurelius is leader of the Legion. They share several focuses regardless of whoever is in charge, granting the player additional factories, Improved Construction and Improved Exploitation Tech, and improves the Legion in a State National Spirit.

  • The Desert Fox sub-branch gives a debuff in stability, war support, resource gain efficiency and factory output, with the branch itself improving those debuffs and eventually making them stronger.
  • The Phoenix King sub-branch improves infrastructure in Phoenix and surrounding states, increases resource gain efficiency, and grants a unique tech to improve scavenging.

The Cult of Mars/A God Among Men Sub-Branch (Caesar/Vulcan or Lucius Shared Branch)

This sub-branch opens only if either Caesar or Vulcan/Lucius is in charge. They share several focuses regardless of whoever is in charge, granting the player additional factories, Improved Construction and Improved Exploitation Tech, construction time bonuses, and reduction the effects of the Rejection of Automation National Spirit.

  • The Cult of Mars sub-branch grants production cost reductions to infantry equipment and motorized vehicles, improves war support, and unlocks Intermediate Power Armor Tech while reducing recruitable population.
  • The A God Among Men sub-branch improves stability and war support, increases recruitable population, grants resistance growth speed reductions, resistance target reductions, and compliance growth growth in NCR and California territories, and unlocks Intermediate Electronics Tech.



Caesar's Legion starts with 34 divisions, of which 31 are Legionary divisions, 3 Frumentarii divisions, and one Prime Legionaries Special-Ops division. All 34 divisions are trained (with the exception of the Prime Legionaries division, which are veterans) and are fully equipped. Despite this, most of the starting forces are weak, relying on numbers to win. While Caesar's Legion has more than enough forces for early engagements, significant efforts to improve the numbers and quality of these divisions are needed if the Legion has any chance of success. Caesar's Legion automatically starts down the Asymmetric Warfare doctrine.

Based around ancient Roman legion tactics and his slave empire, Caesar utilizes an infantry-based, quantity over quality fighting style. His army is made up mostly of mass numbers of Legions, backed up by elite and well-equipped Special-Ops forces, all of which are supported by a highly mobile mechanized force of Legion Chariots. His strategy is based on numbers and speed, using his vast resources and numerical advantage to overrun and out-maneuver his enemies. Should the Legion be forced into smaller, more defensible fights against more powerful forces, Caesar simply slams as many men as he can into the enemy until they break, knowing his forces cannot win in a 1-on-1 fight against industrial powerhouses like the NCR, the power-armor tech of the Western Brotherhood, or the robotic strength of New Vegas.


Caesar's Legion starts with 9 ships, 3 Medium and 6 Light Ships, divided into two fleets. The fleets themselves are divided along the Lower Colorado and the Gila Estuary by Hoover Dam, though a decision allows for ships to cross in between the dam. Caesar's Legion also only starts with basic ship tech. The Legion does not prioritize navy heavily, especially given a heavy lack of naval powers in the Mojave, save for the NCR. The Legion navy is used mostly to secure enough dominance to allow for naval invasions, but if engaged in a direct fight, will lose unless they have numerical superiority. Cheap and fast naval craft will make up the bulk of the Legion navy, with the occasional Heavy Warship to serve as a command ship.

Air Force

Caesar's Legion does not start the game with any sort of air force. Along with this, they start with only basic air force tech, meaning that air units will not usually be a priority for the Legion, and any built are done so merely to contest the air forces of more industrial nations like the New California Republic and the Western Brotherhood, though they should not be expected to win those air engagements.

Intelligence Agency

Caesar's Legion is one of few nations that starts the game with a built Intelligence Agency, the Frumentarii, at level 1, and can recruit their first spy in the first 30 days. They also have immediate access to one of the highest ranked starting spies in the game, Vulpes Inculta, the head of the Frumentarii. Something to note is that due to the way spies are characterized, he can still remain a spy to the player, even if Vulpes takes control of the Legion. Caesar's Legion is also one of very few nations that can have more than 2 spies at a time thanks to the Vulpes Inculta advisor, allowing the Legion to fully utilize the spy mechanics.

Unique Systems/Events

At game start, there are 5 unique systems and events that the player will want to pay attention to.

The Beast in the East

Some fear Lanius, but others know that his coming will save them, and set their people free in ways they cannot see. His victories are swift and honest, purchased with blood. Each victory provides Lanius with Glory, which rallies warriors to his cause, gains him aid from Flagstaff, or makes the merchants of Texas send him tribute.

At the start of every game, Caesar will send Lanius's Cohort east to capture the city of Dog City from the Hangdogs within five years, or before January 1st, 2280. The player will not have much input in this endevor; the AI will be in control and the player cannot control any units from Lanius. Despite this, Caesar's Legion can send Lanius supplies, manpower, and equipment, and may occasionally send troops to help in the wars, but the AI will be on their own.

If Lanius's Cohort completes this task, takes Dog City from the Hangdogs in time, and completes the Focus The March West, then Lanius's Cohort will be absorbed by Caesar's Legion, and all of its lands, units, and commanders will join Caesar's Legion. He also becomes a potential leader of Caesar's Legion (more info below).

Should Lanius's Cohort fail to take Dog City in time, join Diana in Twin Mothers, or take Dog City but take the Focus No Strings on Me, then Lanius's Cohort will abandon Caesar's Legion and go on their own path. They will either be targeted as a traitor and hunted down by Caesar, join forces with Twin Mothers and potentially attack Caesar's Legion, or expand East into Texas on their own without Caesar's blessings. In any case, they will no longer support the Legion in their conquest West, and either becomes a new enemy for the Legion to fight or another nation that can be left alone or attacked depending on preference and what path Lanius took.

For the Glory of Rome!

Caesar's greatest warriors strive for greater glory before the Legion. Their fame may come in hand should the Legion face a crisis...

Caesar entrusts his legions and conquests to his legionaries, his greatest warriors. These are

  • Malpais Legate, his second in command and co-founder of the Legion,
  • Aurelius, Centurion of Phoenix
  • Lucius, Commander of the Praetorian Guard, and
  • Vulpes Inculta, leader of the Frumentarii

Throughout the game, certain Focus's, Decisions, and Events will increase the Glory of one of these men by 1 point. The Glory level for each can be found in the decisions tab. As their Glory rises, their standings in the Legion, both to Caesar and the rest of the Legion, grows as well.

The Glory system is tied into Caesar's stress (see below). Should Caesar fall to his stress and die, the Legion will need to decide his replacement. 2 events can happen, all depending on the Glory level of legionaries above:

  1. If one person has significant Glory compared to the rest (4 Glory points), he will use his power to assume control peacefully, and he will become the new leader of the Legion.
  2. If there is no obvious successor (no successor has 4 Glory points), the power struggle will result in a civil war between the legionaries, splitting Caesar's Legion between them. The player will have the option to determine who they wish to play as in the event of a civil war.

Something to note is that Lanius has his own Glory system for Lanius Cohort. Should Lanius complete his goal and rejoin the Legion before Caesar dies, and he has high Glory, he can use his success and the chaos to take control of the Legion himself, merging Caesar's Legion and Lanius's Cohort together into one, fully united Legion at Lanius's command.

The Fate of Caesar

The more Great Caesar exerts himself, the greater the risk of death! Perhaps he should not exert himself quite so much...

Throughout the game, Caesar will accumulate stress as a result of his tumor. Certain events, focuses, and decisions can increase or decrease the level of stress Caesar has, usually gaining more valuable units and national spirits at the expense of a rise in stress. Starting after January 1st, 2277, Caesar will gain one stress point every month. Every time Caesar receives 12 stress points, his overall stress will go up a level. Should Caesar reach stress level 6 (or around 72 stress points), Caesar will succumb to the stress and his tumor, and the fate of the Legion will depend on the Glory levels of his legionaries (see above).

To overcome this, Caesar's Legion must take New Vegas before Caesar falls to his stress. Once New Vegas is taken, an event will pop up, and the player must choose the "One day, Gannon will recognize our wisdom" option. Refusing to take this option will result in Caesar's death no matter what.

If the Najavo has a high enough opinion of the Legion and are loyal to Caesar, they will send one of their decorated healers to attempt to heal Caesar. While this will reduce Caesar's stress levels, this is not a cure, and is only a temporary measure. The only way to cure Caesar is to take New Vegas.

If Caesar is able to overcome his stress and survive, the civil war event will not trigger, and Caesar's two unique focus trees will unlock.

Malpais and the Old World Wall

The Malpais Legate has long waged campaigns for Caesar in the West, conquering vast swaths of territory up and down the Colorado River. One barrier stands above all, however; the Hoover Dam. Malpais is determined to conquer it for his Caesar.

When the game begins, a countdown timer will appear in the decisions tab. The tab counts down the amount of time the Legion has before Malpais Legate begins his war for the Hoover Dam. The countdown is set to expire withing 2 and a half years, at which point a Border War will begin between the Legion and the Mojave Territories. Completing focuses in the Rubicon Branch will give attack buffs to the Legion during the border war. Units involved will be based on those in the area of Hoover Dam at the time of the border war beginning. The player will have 5 days after the countdown timer expires before the border war actually begins, allowing for a short amount of time to prepare units accordingly.

This event will open up either The Bloodied Bull or the This was a Triumph Branches in the Legion's focus tree depending on if the Legion succeeds or fails.

If the Mojave Chapter is able to survive Operation: Sunburst and defeat the Mojave Territories, they will claim much of their former lands, including Hoover Dam. If the Mojave Chapter is in control of the Hoover Dam at the time of the countdown expiring, the border war will be replaced by a normal war with the Mojave Chapter. It should be noted that due to certain events needing to occur to unlock the focus trees above, The Bloodied Bull Branch will not be available to the player if they fight the Mojave Chapter due to it becoming a regular war. This was a Triumph will only unlock once the Mojave Chapter has been completely defeated.

The Amicii of the Legion

Caesar does not conquer every people he defeats. Some settlers are given autonomy as long as their towns pay taxes to the Legion. Others, like The Reservation, trade with the legion for slaves. There is a reason many prefer to live under the Bull than on their own.

Caesar's Legion has access to a set of unique decisions in the decisions tab revolving around their allied and puppeted tribes, The Navajo, Two Suns and The Reservation. Caesar's Legion can use either Political Power or Legion Denarius to gain unique businesses, units, research bonuses, and unit bonuses. It is here where the Legion can keep track of the loyalty of The Navajo.


Focuses and Events

Focus paths will depend on which leader you want to use long-term. Caesar is the default and the strongest of the paths, so this guide will be written with Caesar in mind. Most of the information still applies with the exception that the player will need to choose focuses which grant glory to the general they want to lead after Caesar dies if they want to avoid the civil war (these focuses can be found using the filters at the top of the tree).

Whether or not you choose the options which grant Caesar stress depends on your confidence and the difficulty. If you're confident, go with the options which grant the best bonuses regardless of stress with the exception of the 3rd and 4th focus tree events as explained below

Recommended Focus Tree order:

  1. Pick the options which stress Caesar for the first two starter events, "He scourged Caesar's enemies" for the third, and for the forth choose the stress option if you plan to use vehicles and just the research speed if you don't
  2. Uniting the Wastes -> Navajo Rail -> The Navajo Markets -> Navajo Industrial Integration
  3. North Phoenix Development
  4. Sonora et Chihuahua -> Brahmin Are the Basis of Wealth -> Nothing More Profitable than Good Care of Brahmin (Complete this last focus as soon as it is unlocked).
  5. The 87th Tribe/The Rubicon in the order you prefer
  6. Two Suns Railway -> The Markets of Two Sun -> Tolerate Settler Automation
  7. The State of the Legion -> Rebirth of the Triplex Acies (Principes Doctrine is also a good option) -> The Tip of the Spear
  8. The Navajo Pathfinders -> The Warchief's Guidance -> Skin-walker Integration
  9. Navajo Riches -> Way of the Land (choose Malpais if you have not gotten him glory yet)
  10. Mapping the Dam -> The Unfair Advantage -> Raider Rumble -> The Legate's Glory

At this point, games will vary depending on the outcome of the dam fight. On top of doing any of the other branches you unlock, eventually work your way down to Recruit the Rossi Family, The Legion's Skinwalkers, and The Navy of the Bull

If you win the battle for the Hoover Dam, complete "Ave, Boomer" as soon as possible to unlock Intermediate Air Tech

Political Power

Recommended Political Power order:

  1. Freedom of Speech
  2. Praetorian Lucius (Cultural Advisor)
  3. Well Equipped Army
  4. Open to Traders
  5. Carmine (As soon as you unlock him)
  6. Tulchinsky Engineering
  7. War Propaganda (when Ranchers war starts)
  8. Oh No! Arms Company
  9. The Priests of Two Sun (Cultural Advisor)

After this point, remove Lucius to add him as military high command if you are against real players or want the breakthrough. Also make sure you get Malpais as an Army Chief before the dam and then The Priests of Two Sun (Military High Command). Otherwise spend political power on trade nodes and trade routes or whatever else you'd like and max out your economy law as soon as you're able to.

If you have La Resistance, upgrade your agency enough to gain a 2nd operative and get both tiers of anti-partisan upgrades so that your operatives can be used to root out resistance once you take the Mojave. Getting Vulpes as Military High Command for a 3rd slot is optional.

Use the Wasteland Pacification occupation law on everything you conquer until you max its compliance and get its resistance low.


The specifics of Research order is subject to personal preference and which units you prefer to use, but recommendations are listed below:

  • Do not be afraid of researching techs ahead of time. It is common for this to actually be the optimal thing to do in many cases, both for Caesar and all throughout Old World Blues
  • Tool Production (Improvised Tools) and Construction are two of the highest priority tech branches. Wait to research Construction 2 until you complete the focus "The Rubicon". Specialized Production (Work Assignments) is a slightly lower priority but still very high, and the starting tech Industry Planning should be one of your first
  • You should almost always be researching your land doctrine of choice until it is finished. Left path of Asymmetric Warfare is good, and right path of Conventional Warfare is also a good option.
  • Ohm's Law is recommended early in the game, followed by the rest of its research speed buffs later. Combat Language and its path are also very strong and are medium priority
  • Melee Weaponry and Spec Ops equipment are both high priority paths. Start researching the second tier of melee before July 2275, and also get the other 2 melee equipment ahead of time
  • Anti-tank should be acquired sometime before 2277 and put in all your divisions
  • Recon and Maintenance Companies are also great options for support companies
  • Dogs are also a strong option for a support company, though they are not essential
  • Anti-Air is recommended for the big wars if you are fighting against players
  • Gliders should be researched relatively early, and you should start and finish Barrage Balloons right before you unlock Intermediate Air Tech. Once Intermediate Air Tech is unlocked, anything barring research that you spent xp or a bonus on should be dropped to immediately complete the research for Monoplane Fighters and Monoplane Attackers. It is also recommended to research the variant for Monoplane Attackers called Ground Pounders found on the buttons below the tech in the tree and to produce them instead if possible.
  • The Infantry Training path which starts with Warrior Training is solid. Warrior Equipment, found above the Bumper Sword and below Basic Laser Weapons, is also worth researching eventually
  • Researching motorized can be useful for much faster scavenging parties and for supply purposes
  • Resource gain efficiency techs, energy cell related techs and encryption/decryption are all decent and can be acquired gradually whenever they are needed or if there is not a better use for the slot


Start by building infrastructure in key states until you switch to Well Equipped Army and lower the A Legion With a State penalty. Following this, build civilian factories in high-infrastructure states. Typically you will not need to build an military factories to prepare for the Dam, and so can wait to start buildind military factories until some time after then. Infrastructure should be built in locations which provide needed resources, such as the Dam once you take control of it. Build coastal forts on the straits with the NCR if you are worried you'll be pushed.

Army and Production

Your army should be made up of 20 combat width units, which for this guide will be infantry and spec ops. You will want to get as many 20w spec ops as possible before the dam, at minimum 6. These should include Anti-Tank and Maintenance. Recon and Dogs are good long-term but not a necessity for the dam. Demolitions are also an option but should be avoided for the rest of your army. Assign both spec ops related traits, Sniper and Commando, to the general which starts the Hoover Dam border war.

Put a factory on caravans for a few months, 3 on support equipment, 5 on spec ops equipment and optionally 1 on demolitions. Put the rest on infantry equipment. Naval production is up to personal preference, but start with mostly Cutter Hulls. 1 or 2 factories can be assigned to Fireteams and Chariots when unlocked, but this is up to if you're going to use them or not. Put a couple factories on Anti-Tank and Dogs when each is unlocked. Once gliders are unlocked, put your excess factories on them, as the focus will be on infantry and spec ops with quality support companies until you manage to unlock Intermediate Air Tech.

If you manage to take the Hoover Dam in the first battle, completing "Ave, Boomer" to unlock Intermediate Air Tech is the biggest priority. All of your remaining factories that are not needed for your spec ops and infantry will go towards close air support and fighters. If you are not playing against a player, only a handful of fighters will be necessary.

Behind the scenes

  • Caesar's Legion during 3.0 was worked on by Faeelin,[1] as well as Looneybinjin.[2]


  1. Soleful Phoenix: "For my first question, what nations have you created, or otherwise worked on/contributed to?"
    Faeelin: "Heya! I worked on Aztlan, RRG, Tlaloc's kids, Legion, Lanius, White Legs, Eighties to date"- Obtained from Discord, 11/4/2021
  2. How does the Dev Team split the work?
    Is it like one person works on a focus tree for a nation, or do multiple people?

    Faeelin: "depends tbh
    In 3.0 Loony and I did the legion, while in 4.0 Happy and I did the NCR. But I did the White LEgs by myself"

    - Obtained from Discord, 10/10/2021