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Robot City is a robot nation based in Central Colorado.

Historical background

Led by a terminal running a Pre-War dating video game, Robot City recently expressed growth due to the loss of a Tibbets Prison robot, ARGOS, who worked with the terminal to improve and work with it.[1]


National spirits

Robot City starts with no national spirits.

Behind the scenes

  • Robot City is based on the city of the same name located near Tibbets Prison in Van Buren.
  • Robot City was written by Zusk,[2] with the thought process behind the city being a combination of the concepted robot city from Van Buren, a "tiny AI" leading the nation, rather than a "floating head", and the tiny AI being a shareware computer program with a personality.[3]
    • Doki Doki, the leader of the nation, was initially confused with the 2017 dating simulator horror game Doki Doki Literature Club!, which also featured a character who "led" the game seeking companionship.[4] However, the actual inspiration from the name came from the 1987 game Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic, due to the shorthand nature of the title, as well as its Japanese origin.[5] Despite this, Doki Doki's name will be renamed at some point to "Tokimeki", due to having the same connotations as "Doki doki shiteru".[6]
  • Initially, Robot City and the Calculator were slated to appear in a Midwestern expansion.[7] However, Robot City was added during 3.0.


  1. Development Diary #18 (Developer Diary 18: Van Buren's Bounty): "Further east you have Iron Alliance, another older Old World Blues written nation of power armor wielding raiders. Further south, you have another oddity in Robot City.In Van Buren Robot City were a group of Robots whose exact purpose and goals are somewhat unclear due to a lack of comprehensive design documents on them.We do know that they would have been involved with Tibbet’s Prison’s AI warden, ODYSSEUS. In Old World Blues we have given them a new coat of paint and reflavored them.In Old World Blues, Robot City is led by a small consumer grade terminal running a pre-war dating game on it. Some time after the bombs fell the terminal was found by a robot from Tibbet’s Prison, known as “ARGOS”. ARGOS, out of vacant circuit-guided curiosity would work with and improve the terminal over a number of years. When ARGOS eventually had to leave to return to Tibbets Prison the terminal, having grown a small amount of identity, missed its friend.Calling itself “Doki”, the terminal would send out distress calls to other robots in the area, trying to look for its lost friend and continue where they had left off."
  2. Zusk: "( I had fun writing Robot City )"
    - Obtained from Discord, 8/18/2020
  3. Zusk: "The writing process behind that was more of:

    *So, Robot City is a city inhabitated by the robots that used to be under Tibbets Prison? I wonder what woulda happened to them
    *Probably shouldn't make it a program type floating head nation, since we have enough of those with Tlaloc & Warden.
    *Maybe like.. a tiny AI is leading them? A little computer terminal sounds kind of neat as a country leader. Different scope then Tlaloc and draws on a different tone.
    *Could be a shareware computer program, maybe a game?
    *Would need to be something with a personality.. a dating game!"

    - Obtained from Discord, 10/18/2020
  4. Zusk: "The name was based on Doki Doki panic, and I somehow got as far as to put the leader in before someone told me that it was pretty much just DDLC."
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    2) Its a phrase in japanese, hence its inclusion in both titles.

    "Doki doki shiteru – “I'm so excited” This is an onomatopoetic phrase that sounds like – can you guess? – the beating of a heart.""

    - Obtained from Discord, 10/18/2020
  6. Zusk: "Probably at some point doing to rename Doki Doki to Tokimeki, since in the greater pop culture sphere DDLC has kind of subsumed that word for english speakers, and Tokimeki has the same connotations really."
    - Obtained from Discord, 1/10/2022
  7. Loonybinjin: "Robot City and the Calculator are features that will likely appear during the Midwestern expansion, so not for a while Burned Man.

    That being said, we've got a few small references to them. The Junk City Gladiator's that Reno can recruit are meant to be a direct reference to them in fact."

    - Obtained from Discord, 2/20/2018