Lord's Anointed

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The Lord's Anointed are a religious schism nation in Utah.


To the Lord's Anointed, hell has come to earth. What was a moderately devout religious community before the War emerged from their vault as a fanatic cult, convicedIn-game spelling that they alone had retained their souls in the cleansing of the world. This xenophobic isolation would be the eventual catalyistIn-game spelling of the Schism between the faithful and the Murtaugh Reformers, who's heretical ways were only spared due to the intervention of High Chapel.

But time has weakened High Chapel's protections, and the calls for a reunification grow stronger by the day, What faith and reconciliation cannot achieve, the sword must.
- Scenarios country selection screen quote

Lord's Anointed are one half of an unnamed country existing before 2275. This country sprung up from one of the Vaults but after some time, it split in two because of religious differences. The Lord's Anointed decided to follow the teachings of Saint Orrisa while the other half, known as the Murtaugh Reformers, decided to follow the teachings of Saint Barnabaus. The holy war is near and only the threat of High Chapel's intervention is keeping the two countries separated, but at peace.


Father Amon is the Messianic guardian of thousands of souls, this weights heavily on the old mans shoulders. He has lost the favour he once put into governance and now the only thing remaining is his will to mend his biggest failure and end the schism, even if violence is required.

  • Old leader
    • -0.10 Daily Political Power Gain
    • +5% Stability
  • Fanatic
    • -10% Justify war goal time
    • +60% AI Modifier: Focus on Offence

National spirits

Religious Schism icon
Religious Schism
  • Political Power Gain: -25%
  • Stability: -15.00%
Gods Chosen People icon
Gods Chosen People
  • Political Power Gain: +3%
  • Division training time: -10%
  • Division attack: +5%
  • Division defense: +5%
  • Attack bonus versus country(Heaven's Gate): +5%
  • Attack bonus versus country(New Canaan): +5%
  • Attack bonus versus country(High Chapel): +5%
  • Attack bonus versus country(The Murtaughs): +5%


Lord's Annointed starts with Infantry-focused Priest of War divisions. They have access to Sophisticated Power Armor, as well as Intermediate Vehicles and Intermediate Robotics, all of which provide alternate options for military development.


Starting Position

Lord's Annointed starts in North Utah between High Chapel, New Canaan, Lonetree, and Murtaugh Reformers.

They start with a production of 1 factory making Infantry Equipment.

Their division templates are:

  • Militia Force (4 Militia battalions)
  • Priests of War (5 Infantry battalions)

Their order of battles spawn 2 divisions:

  • 2 divisions of Priests of War, fully equipped