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The Maxson Expedition is an expeditionary force of the Brotherhood of Steel active in southern Colorado.

Historical background

Formed to assist the Midwestern Chapter of the Brotherhood, the Maxson Expedition also gathered salvage from the Denver area. After the takeover of the area by the Hangdogs, the Maxson Expedition engaged in a losing battle, only saved by the arrival of the Scorpion's Bite. By 2275, the Maxson Expedition has used the Scorpion's Bite as a barrier to prepare for the Hangdogs next attack.[1]


National Focuses

Maxson Expedition National Focus Tree


National spirits

The Maxson Expedition starts with two national spirits:

Bunker Blues icon
Bunker Blues
  • Foreign subversive activities efficiency: -75%
  • Factory Bomb Vulnerability: -60.00%
  • Trade deal opinion factor: -50.00%
  • Special Forces Minimum Capacity: +60
  • Energy Cell Gain per Energy: +10.00%
  • Energy Cell Capacity: +50.00%
  • Damage to Garrisons: -30.00%
  • If you own La Resistance, this idea also adds 2 counter-intelligence and 1 crypto strength
The Bizaare icon
The Bizaare
  • Construction Speed: +10.0%
  • Appeal to Refugees: +5.0%
  • Waterultra +5
  • Scrap Metalultra +5
The Bizarre is an autonomous marketplace of the expensive, the dangerous, and the weird, built into a prewar mall. Once raiders across Colorado, they now pay tribute to the Maxson Chapter and profit as Colorado's largest emporium. Come in - we have such delights to show you.


Portrait Leader Ideology Party In power (2275) Popularity Unique portrait? Description Leader trait
Portrait Andrea Brixley.png
Andrea Brixley Intellectual Intellectual Yes 100% Yes We have been out here for decades upon decades. Lost Hills gave us our directive to save the treasures of the old world from the punishment of time. Despite everything that has happened over the years, we will continue our mission. Isolationist

Fortification Expert



The Maxson Expedition of the Brotherhood begins with five divisions, three Paladin Patrols made up of the veterans of the war with the Hangdogs, and two Knight Patrols.

Conscription Law

Brotherhood of Steel Chapters follow strict caste systems allowing only the wasteland famous Paladins to serve in combat. However some Chapters are not as codex compliant allowing Knights, Scribes, and even Initiates to serve in battle for the Brotherhood. Thought even with compliance to the codex some chapters may elect to allow those not of the Paladins to fight when the need arises.

Paladins icon
  • Division training time: +15.0%
  • Division Organization" +5.0%
  • Recruitable population: 2.00%
  • Stability: +5.00%
  • Division Attack: +5.0%
  • Division Defense: +5.0%
  • Research Speed: +5.00%
  • Special Forces Minimum Capacity: +80
The wasteland is an extremely harsh place. Not only will our external forces have to face raiders and mutants but also pockets of radiation, little to no food or water, and constant risk of debris in urban zones. As such, we will decide to only deploy the best of the best in this harsh place. Only the famous paladins, the highest rank our soldiers can achieve will be deployed. They shall be the brotherhood's sword, as well as its shield.

Senior Knights icon
Senior Knights
  • Division training time: +10.0%
  • Division Organization" +5.0%
  • Recruitable population: 4.00%
  • Stability: +3.00%
  • Division Attack: +4.0%
  • Division Defense: +4.0%
  • Research Speed: +5.00%
  • Special Forces Minimum Capacity: +60
As the need to project our power throughout the wasteland makes itself know, we have to compromise more and more. One cannot efficiently control vast pockets with soldiers requiring years of experience before they are deployed. Allowing senior knights, distinguished soldiers barely a rank below paladins, to deploy with them as support will bolster our troops, and still only allow the best into the wasteland.

Knights icon
  • Division training time: +5.0%
  • Division Organization" +3.0%
  • Recruitable population: 6.00%
  • Stability: +1.00%
  • Division Attack: +3.0%
  • Division Defense: +3.0%
  • Research Speed: +5.00%
  • Special Forces Minimum Capacity: +60
With senior knights still taking a vast amount of training to deploy, and them being few in numbers in our already small manpower pool, we should consider allowing proven knights to deploy alongside higher ranks. Knights are still battle-proven soldiers, having earned not only their rank but the best weapon we can give them. Deploying them will come to the detriment of the effectiveness of our forces, but doing so will let us have many more units ready to defend the Brotherhood.

Scribes icon
  • Division training time: -5.0%
  • Division Organization" +3.0%
  • Recruitable population: 9.00%
  • Stability: -3.00%
  • War Support: +7.00%
  • Division Attack: +1.0%
  • Division Defense: +1.0%
  • Special Forces Minimum Capacity: +40
The need for troops is overwhelming. We cannot sustain our military occupation and campaigns with only proven soldiers coming from our bunkers. Scribes are competent technicians eager to help our cause, and we can deploy them as rank and file soldiers, protected by knights and paladins. But this will mean they will not be safe in the bunker, studying technology. Deploying our scientist on the battlefield is also sure to make some of our citizens lose faith in our cause.

Initiates icon
  • Division training time: -5.0%
  • Recruitable population: 12.00%
  • Stability: -10.00%
  • War Support: +7.0%
  • Special Forces Minimum Capacity: +40
Initiates are a numerous group of recruits that still need a lot of training before becoming knights. In case of extreme danger, we can decide to deploy them before they achieve that rank. Doing so means we can get troops necessitating little in terms of training, and would considerably increase the size of our army. But it will also mean sending untrained recruits in the wasteland, which is sure to turn away a number of citizens from our cause. Care is to be taken, as this decision is not done lightly.


Starting Industry
Arms workshop Naval dockyard Civilian workshop
5 0 3
Starting Resources
Water Energy Scrap Metal Composite Materials Circuitry Advanced Components
19 11 19 7 11 7

Starting Position

The Maxson Expedition are located east of Scorpion's Bite, with the Sun Dogs to their south-west and Painted Rock to the south-east, the eastern border is against the impassable wastes of the midwest, and finally to the north Robot City is accessed by a single path across the Arkansas Tributary River.


Behind the Scenes

  • The Maxson Expedition is based on the Van Buren location and Brotherhood chapter, although with notable differences, as the original faction served the same narrative purposes as the Mojave Chapter, requiring the nation to be rewritten and repurposed to fit the setting of the mod.[2]
    • When the nation was taken over by Fored to make their focus tree,[3] Fored would visualize the Maxson Chapter, which was renamed into the Maxson Expedition in Old World Blues patch 4.1, as more of an independently existing expedition, going off their lore written in the Pip-Boy Plus, as opposed to making them a copy of the Mojave Chapter.[4]
  • The national spirit "The Bizaare" is a homage to the Wasteland 3 location and faction: The Bizarre, which was also a group of raiders throughout the former state of Colorado, situated in a pre-apocalypse shopping mall.


  1. Development Diary #18 (Developer Diary 18: Van Buren's Bounty): "In Old World Blues the Maxson Chapter was formed to assist the Midwestern Chapter as well as help gather salvage from around the Denver area. When the Hangdogs took over Denver the brotherhood was forced to fight a losing war with the HandogsIn-game spelling for some time, being saved by the timely arrival of the Scorpion’s Bite, giving the smaller chapter enough breathing space to fortify itself in preparation for another attack from the Hangdogs."
  2. Development Diary #18 (Developer Diary 18: Van Buren's Bounty): "In Van Buren the Maxson Bunker effectively filled all of the same narrative beats that the Mojave Chapter would fill, of being a smaller brotherhood group that was struggling against a more organized NCR. However, it did have a few unique quirks about it - notably its location, unique set of characters and small narrative beats that gave it enough justification to include it as a country proper in Old World Blues."
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