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Big Grass is a communist artificial intelligence nation in The Great White Wall area of The Great North region.

Historical background

The bitter north is host to a terrible, frightening thing: the Scarlet Casket, a massive underground Robobrain facility presided by the mad-machine RELCOM. Enamored with ideas of communism, he has a very simple interpretation that can mean no good for the people of the world: the best way to have compliance and contentment among the working class is to turn them all into machines, just as he was. Thus far, he has failed in every attempt to grow: but this shall be the last time.

He swears it.
- Scenarios country selection screen quote

Residing in the Scarlet Casket, a Robobrain manufacturing facility located in or around the nation's capitol of Grande Prarie,[1] the Robobrain RELCOM (formerly RELiable COMmunications), wishes to fulfill its self-given purpose of uniting the world in harmony, by converting them into machines.



National spirits

Big Grass starts with one national spirit:

Robobrain Production Facility icon
Robobrain Production Facility
Our automated facilities will convert our countries manpower into robobrarins over time.
  • Support Robot Platoon: Production Cost: -5.00%
  • Combat Robot Platoon: Production Cost: -5.00%


Portrait Leader Ideology Party In power (2275) Popularity Unique portrait? Description Leader trait
Portrait RELCOM.png
RELCOM Ruler The Ego Yes 100.00% Yes ---

Staff and Designers

Chief of Army

Name Trait Prerequisites Effects Description Cost

Red Army Might None
  • Division Attrition: -1.0%
  • Non-Combat Out of Supply Penalties: -1.0%
  • Reconnaissance: +10.0%
  • Division Attack: +1.0%
  • Division Defense: +1.0%
  • Division Attack on core territory: +1.0%
  • Division Defense on core territory: +1.0%
  • Max planning: +1.0%
  • Max Entrenchment: +0.1
  • Land Night Attack: +10.0%
  • Encirclement penalty: -10.0%
  • Supply Grace: +1.0 Hour(s)
  • Terrain Penalty Reduction: +10.0%

I KNOW that none of these pathetic FOOLS can be trusted to be left in charge of my RED ARMY, so instead of leaving it in the charge of these MORONS I will take charge of it myself. With me at the helm NO ONE will be able to stand against us. I will use my men, words, and even the corpses of my enemies to slice through the fat of CAPITALISM watch out if you don't want to feel the might of the RED ARMY.
Big grass advisor capitalizer

Money Equals Power None
  • Production Efficiency Cap: +10.00%
  • Production Efficiency growth: +10.00%
  • Production Efficiency base: +10.00%
  • Factory Output: +10.00%
  • Caps Income: -90.0%
  • Daily People Support: +0.05

Although I am not sure if this Capitalizer can be trusted at the head of the army, I must admit that he is quite powerful as evident by beating me in the past, so some differences must be set aside.

Still given the chance this capitalist dog would gladly bleed our nation dry of money and resources!
Big grass advisor 5
 The Murdelizer

Army Offence (Genius) The Murdelizer is not already hired elsewhere
  • Division Attack: +15.0%

The Murdelizer is a tool to be used and abused by the Commune! Its eloquent dialogue perfectly matches the many deathly mechanical limbs it carries.

Originally made by putrid humans to serve in the army, the prototype was quickly put out of commission after it killed the entire science team that built it. Its remains were discovered by RELCOM in a refuse pile, and while reprogramming took nearly a decade, it finally paid off. The dried blood on its exterior serves as a reminder of the fate of all those who oppose the glory of Communism!
Big grass advisor 10
 The Excavator

Staunch Defender The Excavator is not already hired elsewhere
  • Division Attack: +15.0%
'With me at the head of our forces I shall erect the impenetrable wall, let all of those who oppose us tremble at the strength of our unity!'

The Excavator is a symbol of strength for both the RED and BLUE in Big Grass. Although RELCOM hates to admit the second part, he sees the prospect in having such a universal symbol of the strength of Big Grass at the helm of it's armed forces. It will be impossible for RELCOM to stop this from inspiring the BLUES, but at least the strength will keep Big Grass as a symbol of COMMUNISM

The Excavator himself is a capable leader and puts his men before himself, with his strength the morale of the whole army will be bolstered. He will dig a trench deep enough to burry the CAPITALIST PIGS
Big grass advisor 8
 The Neuralizer

Creeping Undertaker The Neuralizer is not already hired elsewhere
  • Planning Speed: +20.0%
  • Max planning: +20.0%
"With this power no one will escape my careful gaze, all that's left to do now is wait."

The Neuralizer may best serve me at the head of my RED ARMY! I, someone of high intellilectIn-game spelling, can see that they are near a match for my own. I shall leave them at the top of my military high command in order to ensure our CONQUEST!

No doubt The Neuralizer will take immediate control and focus his efforts into boosting efficiency in conversion of humans to the SUPERIOR ROBOBRAINS! He will take his time at first, but eventually he will have the workers machine running at MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY!

Chief of Navy

Name Trait Prerequisites Effects Description Cost
 Deep Sea/'Shēnh4i'

Beached Whale None
  • Naval Experience Gain: +0.10 daily
  • Division Attack on core territory: +5.0%
  • Division Defense on core territory: +5.0%
  • Capital Ship Attack: +10.00%
The cold not only brings rust but also loneliness..."

Deep Sea was once a proud AI aboard the Long March 11, a Nuclear Submarine stationed in preparation for the attack on the United States, upon the great fires scorching the earth Deep Sea courageously launched the nuclear payload into the fascist country. The nukes landed somewhere around Las Vegas, Nevada likely striking fear directly into the hearts of the simple minded capitalists attempting to stuff themselves with the vices of such a disgusting city. But unfortunately while the earth was struck with the power of the Red Army's military might so did the waves and the oceans boil and burst tugging Deep Sea and the Long March 11 ever inward until he had lost his way back home, even most of the brave crew aboard were murdered and left as victims by the counterattack of the Capitalist's unnecessary nuclear arsenals. Beaten. Battered. Broken. And left without the crew he held dear, Deep Sea thought that all was lost and was left to rot into the elements until 200 years later...

RELCOM being the brave young revolutionary that he was got straight to work in efforts to bring Deep Sea to a nearby frozen river and repaired the Long March 11 by his own hands alone, he did not even need use of the workerbots, in return Deep Sea was forever indebted to the great leader. And now to this day Deep Sea watches over the lands of Big Grass looking to defend it's people from capitalists and dreaming of one day returning to the ocean and the land he was born in with intent of spreading stories of a charming leader who gave him a second chance."

Starting Position

Big Grass starts in the Great White Wall, between Entrance and Whitecourt to the south, and Strathcommune to the east.

Big Grass starts with a production of 3 factories making Support Robots and 2 factories making Infantry Equipment.

Big Grass starts with these division templates:

  • RELCOM's Dedicated (6 Support Robot battalions)
  • Conscripts (6 Militia battalions)

Big Grass starts with 4 divisions:

  • 4 RELCOM's Dedicated, fully equipped.

Behind the Scenes

  • Big Grass originated from an unfinished submod made by StealthArcher and Thyrork, which was integrated into Old World Blues in the 4.0 patch.
  • Violet took over the nation after its integration, keeping the original name due to its silliness,[2] and made the nation's focus tree besides the icons in less than 48 hours.[3] LusaLy also assisted in its development.[4]


  1. Violet: "the Scarlet Casket is just a factory located in/around Grande Prairie"
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  2. question: why is the scarlet casket called BIG GRASS
    Violet: "It was the name of the nation when I started working on it, and it's such a silly name that I kept it.

    Additionally, the Scarlet Casket specifically refers to the factory RELCOM resides in!"

    - Obtained from Discord, 6/11/2022
  3. Violet: "It was from the Canada submod that StealthArcher and Thyrork had before it was integrated. When it became a part of the mod, I asked Fae, took it over, and made the tree (sans icons) in less than 48 hours."
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