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Chichen Itza is an empire in the Mexican region.

Historical background

The Itza originated from a tribe who worshiped the Mayan Gods at Chichen Itza, but the Empire rapidly spread its tendrils through the Yucatan peninsula and the Gulf Coast, establishing themselves as a dominant regional power, until the Atzlan arrived.

The Atzlan defeated the Itzan forces twice, until Sebastián, then an officer, rallied the Itzan forces at Battle of the Papaloapan River to drive the Atzlans back, and seized power in a coup a few years later. However, the Atzlan still stalk the borders, and new foes are arising - all while the Kalomte is getting older and older...
- Scenarios country selection screen quote


Behind the scenes

  • HappyTNH created Chichen Itza, being their first project on Old World Blues,[1] specifically of their own creation for fun, without strict historical links.[2]


  1. HappyNTH: "New Canaan was one of my early projects on the mod, aye, and my second focus tree after the Itza"
    - Obtained from Discord, 8/26/2021
  2. 2. In terms of the ItalianIn-game spelling, despite their tribal origin as a group of Mayan worshipers, they also managed to take down the Atzlan. Twice. Was this event based on any real world conflict or scenario, or just an event exclusive to OWB?
    HappyNTH: "Just fun fanon! Almost all of the Itza is based on my own fun creation, rather than strict historical links"
    - Obtained from Discord, 8/26/2021