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Submods are downloadable content released separately from the Old World Blues mod. As submods are a specific form of add-on, they can be found throughout the Steam Workshop category.

Blue Rose Rework

The FBI has been residing in Roswell since 300 years. Now they are faced with an existential threat in form of the Legion and the crusade of his Legate. It wont be easy to survive the coming onslaught but it will need to be done in order to protect the scientists working deep under Roswell in their laboratories.

Authored by Holypotato.


  • 169 Focuses
  • 49 Decisions
  • 57 Events
  • 79 National Ideas
  • A custom GUI
  • Unique Operations
  • A New Main Menu and Pip-Boy
  • New GFX
  • A new commander ability
  • Bad Code

EaW/OWB - Balefire Blues

Balefire Blues is a total overhaul submod of both Equestria at War and Old World Blues that aims to bring the post apocalyptic world of Kkat's Fallout: Equestria into the HoI4 experience complete with a new map based upon EaW's Equus continent, zoomed in similar to OWB's North America map.

Authored by Argeddion/Lukas and TheLaundry.


  • New game map based upon Fallout: Equestria
  • Over 65 new nations to play
  • 13 unique focus trees
  • 5 auxiliary focus trees; generic trees with added unique content
  • 3 generic focus trees for settlers, raiders, and tribals
  • Merging of EaW and OWB technologies
  • 2 new racial tech trees for Pegasi and Alicorns
  • Hundreds of new focus icons
  • New ideologies created to fit the Equestrian Wasteland
  • Unique art for leaders, generals, and events from our talented artists and art from all over the My Little Pony and Fallout: Equestria fandoms

Old World Blues: Fort Summers Rises

Replacing Summers Federation with a US Military Remnant, you have many options available to you. Face off against Lanius and choose 4 differing paths. Reform New Mexico, Prepare for Alien Invasions, Join the Brotherhood or Reform NORAD. Along with that a new nation joins the fray, a former slave and those she saved must stand against Lanius if she can hope to survive.

Authored by Commander_Vex.

Main Features

  • A focus tree with nearly 90 Focus's
  • Over 20 Ideas
  • 3 Unique Manpower Laws for Fort Summers
  • A Replacement for the Mesalcro Nation

Old World Blues: Hellfire

Welcome to Vault 103, your new home underground! My name's Samuel, and I will more than happy to show you what we have around! I know that all of you are confused because of the recent events, but believe me, your new life here won't be any worse than your previous!

Authored by Paralich12.

Main Features

  • A focus tree with more than 150 focuses and more than 100 unique focus icons!
  • New story of Vault 103 and its experiment!
  • More than 70 events!
  • A lot of national ideas! 120 of them, to be exact!
  • Animated portraits, icons and more!
  • New unique laws, policies and advisors!
  • A completely new mechanic using custom GUI!


  • If you find any bugs or typos - be sure to report them! It will only make the submod better!
  • Wild Wasteland game rule is supported by the submod, but it's highly recommended to play through the submod atleast once before playing with Wild Wasteland!
  • The new nation is not adapted to AI, so playing as other nations might lead to unforeseen events, even though you can get an optional event for Bone Dancers to annex Vault 103 if it's played as AI at the start and you don't feel like having it on the map!

Old World Blues - Vault-Tec Calling

You see, Vault-Tec is the foremost builder of state of the art underground Fallout shelters. Vaults, if you will. Luxury accommodations, where you can wait out the horrors of nuclear devastation.

Now,we have more national focus and leaders could be used in the wasteland.When we are ready to rise up our vault city.

Authored by vaultfoodie0226.


  • (1)More and Ministers
    • Basic from Fallout 76 perk cards.
    • Add 30+ ministers
    • Add 20+ Army leaders,navy , and operative.
  • (2)More national focus and mini update
    • Vault City has a national focus to conquer the neighbors .
    • New Reno,Yakuza,Antelope,All can make core.
    • Unlock research limit.
    • In the end,We can build a new vault for our citizens.
  • (3) More units named
    • 260+ division name ready for use.

Old World Blues: Whispers of the Past

The Cascadia region, once free and wild under the Umbra tribe with only Navarro being the bastion of civilization, has now come under proxy NCR control. The junta of the Cascadian Territory Administration under General Clayton Torres has been tasked with the hard job of civilizing the northern region. Although there is no peace within the makeshift government. Even though Torres is the head of state, two others plot to gain influence in an attempt to overthrow the NCR backed state.

In the south, Richard Lincoln, the head of the Cascadian Ranger detachment is gathering a political base around his dream of the old world. Planning to remove the junta and replace the tyranny with the old stars and stripes.

In the north, Hamilton Moore, part of the Corps of Engineers, has set up a city fueled by technology and looking to the future. For Moore, utopia is the end goal of civilization and only through technology is it possible.

Who will you back in the power struggle, the iron fisted Torres? The starry eyed Lincoln? Or the dream seeking Moore?

Authored by bronzeroom74.

OWB: Battlegrounds

The collapse of the Midwestern Brotherhood of steel was fast and unexpected. New and old faces came alike to claim a spot of land in which to rule. Around the wasteland everyone knows a war is coming. Militarism, resource shortages, and human nature is merely increasing the odds. A silent echo of how the old world, littered with mighty empires. Fell in the same, twisted way.

OWB: Battlegrounds, is an update sized Submod for the smash hit "Old World Blues", This submod is rich with content and expands the map eastward with many new stories to tell and empires to create.

Authored by Paralich12 and OCTAMAN.


  • Hundreds of new provinces and dozens of new states
  • 25 new nations
  • 6 new focus trees (Ghoul Swamp, Kansas Chapter, Blood River, Brotherhood Remnants, Odyssey, Octaw's Expansion)
  • 2 generic focus trees with unique focus branches (The Bees, Radroach Republic)
  • 2 unique formable nation decisions (Radroach Republic, The Bees)
  • Wild Wasteland content (The Bees only at the moment)
  • A unique Drug Trading system to sacrifice long term stability for short term warfare benefits
  • Quality of life changes to base OWB
  • Love
  • Unique units! (The Bees, Radroach Republic and all Ghoul Nations)
  • ...oh yeah, and you can restore byzantium.

OWB Blood and Whales

Haida are an Indigenous group who have traditionally occupied Haida Gwaii, an archipelago just off the coast of Old Columbia, for almost 13000 years. This little nation on the edge of known world needed some love, so I have decided to give them (maybe a little too much) love.

Authored by Kappi.


  • Unique, handmade icons for focuses and ideas
  • Focus tree with 52 focuses, which last for over 6 years
  • A lot of decisions (whaling included!)
  • Bunch of ideas, two idea-merger focuses for nice and clean country view
  • Handful of advisors
  • Ability to claim the legacy of an Old World nation, or create a new one. (Maple syrup and Mounties not included... yet). Doing so will give you a new leader too.
  • Multitude of events
  • [CLASSIFIED]: general with an unique trait and ability (WtT needed for the ability)

OWB - Deathclaw Redux

This mod puts a race of Intelligent Deathclaws into the Old World Blues mod. Rise up and reclaim your birthright! Lead these newly genetically enhanced Deathclaws into the Wasteland's limelight. Will you kill and slaughter all the humans that have crossed you before? Or will you take on a new and kinder lead allying with the humans and helping your people spread across the wasteland with the use of diplomacy?

Authored by Valmoric, Fox, and Ninteedo.

There are four factions to choose from in this mod!


" An incredibly old, feeble, and hornless deathclaw. She was the one who lead the small band of intelligent deathclaws in 2210 out west into the vast expanses of Irradiated rivers and forests. More of a figurehead now than a proper leader, her military makes most of the decisions "


" Having led Saralza's army for so long, Ironjaw sees the importance of a strong military. He views humans as weaker and therefore expendable or exploitable resources. The Deathclaw people must come first, and under his leadership, they will become a force rivaling any feeble human empire. "

The Glowing Maw

" When The Glowing Maw met the new Deathclaws, he saw they needed a better leader. His pride demanded he teach them how to be Deathclaws. Under his claw, they would be strong again, and would carve out a superior home to all. "


" Goris was raised by Saralza, watching her lead their people through the Wastes to their new home. He learned the importance of diplomacy and becoming more than just creatures ruled by basic instincts. He seeks to bring unity and prosperity to his People now, much as Saralza once did. "

OWB - Enclave Reborn

Enclave reborn adds an entirely new nation to Old World Blues. This Enclave faction is the last rally of the remnant forces, determined to avenge Navarro and reclaim the United States. Is is currently one of the most comprehensive submods available for OWB as it includes a sizeable focus tree, decisions, textures, voices and events. All with custom artwork!

Authored by Spart117MC, Herckeim, Jef, Valmoric, awakenDeepBlue and michaelscottkerchief.


Two factions have grown within their leadership, the Purists and the Reformers.

The Purists

The Purists, driven by revanchism against the NCR and the brotherhood, seek to continue the original vision of the Enclave. To reclaim the United States and purify it from the mutants. They are led by Franklin Anderson, who has whipped up his supporters with fanaticism far beyond the original Enclave.

The Reformers

The Reformers wish to see the United States restored to its former glory, even if it means compromising with or even incorporating the wastelanders. They are led by Douglas Granite, a son of a Poseidon veteran and leader of a mercenary company.

OWB Expanded Minor Ideas

Old World Blues: Expanded Minor Ideas grants every single nation that doesn't have a national spirit in base OWB a national spirit. Ranging from smaller nations like the Reservation to nations not even on the map such as the Boneyard, Phoenix Republic, and more!. This mod aims to make playing minor ideas a fun ordeal and make certain nations play differently, such as New Victoria. Along with this a few major nations recieved national spirits in the interim for their updates in 4.0 and beyond, such as the Brotherhood of Steel, New Reno, and so on.

Authored by Commander Vex.

OWB From the Ashes

Authored by Zaigan.

Currently within the mod

  • 1. Enclave Nation
  • 2. Small Focus Tree (47)
  • 3. Army General Portraits
  • 4. Operative Portraits
  • 5. 9 Custom Ideas
  • 6. Custom Unit Textures & Voice Lines
  • 7. Custom Events! (Only a few for now but expect more to come!)

Planned Content

  • Full Focus tree with 80-100 Focuses
  • Custom Events dealing with the Oil Rig and Raven Rock
  • Custom Music (Copyright free | Low priority)
  • DEFCON system using the event system
  • Custom Conscription Laws

OWB: Fusion City Greens

Fusion City Greens is a overhaul of the faction Uranium cityIn-game spelling based in Emergence right at the top of the map, this is version 0.1 currently it includes a full focus tree with 4 expansion targets, loads of custom gfx for ideas focuses and events, a challenging but rewarding experience.

Authored by Ronnie.

OWB: NCR Puppets

Welcome to OWB: NCR Puppets.
I've decided to rework the NCR puppet tree as it felt a little dull to me, so I've elected to rework it. You now have a choice of government, along with certain benifitsIn-game spelling that you get from each type. I'm hoping that you can enjoy this mod, and have fun as a b- I mean equal member of the NCR.
Alongside that, there are 3 unique mini-trees for the Baja State, Umbra, and the Rapids. Enjoy them while you can before 4.0 makes them irreleventIn-game spelling.

Authored by Commander Vex.

OWB - The Exile

Argus Andronikos was once a brilliant strategist, a skilled warrior, and charismatic leader. Now, he is an Exile. After causing a diplomatic incident with the NCR, the Lost Hills Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel has sent Andronikos, along with his Purple Squadron, on an Expedition up North. They are supposed to, "Investigate reports of a new mutant threat", but Andronikos knows this is just their way of getting him out of the picture. Andronikos does not plan to go out quietly and will not let Oregon be his graveyard. He intends to create his own 'Crusade in the North' and prove to the Western Brotherhood that he is worthy of return. To Arms for the Brotherhood!

Authored by Pontifex.


The Version '1.0' contains the following

  • A focus tree that has two separate paths; Reconciliation or Permanent Exile
  • Unique Advisors, Ideas, and Events
  • A formable tag
  • Create a new capital city or retreat to the safety of the bunkers
  • Custom decisions that let you put the Scribes to work
  • Face The Immortal in a Duel of the Fates
  • Lay claim to the title of High Elder or forge your own path as an Empire encompassing the West

OWB - Veni Vidi Vengeance

The name of Paullus Infames, who failed the attack on the Rio Grande 12 years ago, has long been forgotten by all but the people of New Mexico and those unfortunate people who fall under his hand in the Rio Grande.
Paullus, however, remembers it all.
He waits.
Waiting for the moment when the Rio Grande weakens.
And then his vengeance will come.

Authored by SayruZ.


This mod adds a brand new focus tree and nation: Paullus's Warband.

Paullus wants revenge for his loss 12 years ago, and you are gonna help him.

And what happens after you might ask?

-Swear allegiance to Caesar and, as Gaius Magnus, finish what Paulus failed to do.

-Let the bloodthirstiness of Paullus loose and make everyone remember the name of the Butcher of New Mexico

-Or make Paulus change his ways and create his own empire. Or perhaps he wants a cup of coffee?

Sleepers Awaken

The Sleepers are a nation in Old World Blues descended from the antagonists of Van Buren, the cancelled Fallout 3 project by Black Isle Studios. While other former antagonists like Supermutants from The Master's army and the Enclave have recieved plenty of love (especially the Enclave), The Sleepers have always sat mysteriously in spitting distance of one of the most contested and important spots on the map, doing nothing but watch for a decade.

Authored by Silverfishv9.