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This page contains various lists of nations that can be found in Old World Blues. Each entry contains the flag, name, and tag of the corresponding nation.

Feel free to add missing nations to [[Category:Nations]] and upload its flag under the nation's name if it is missing.

Note: This list may not be up to date with the current version of OWB.

Nations at Game Start

Country Tag
Flag of 215th 215th TOF
Flag of Arborg Junta Arborg Junta ARB
Flag of Archdiocese of Santa Fe Archdiocese of Santa Fe ASF
Flag of Arroyo Arroyo ARR
Flag of Assassin City Assassin City ASS
Flag of Badland Buckaroos Badland Buckaroos CYC
Flag of Baggers Baggers BAG
Flag of Battleford Battleford BAT
Flag of Baron's Eyrie Baron's Eyrie WYR
Flag of Baudelio Ranchers Baudelio Ranchers RBD
Flag of Bayou Motors Bayou Motors BAM
Flag of Belden Area Authority Belden Area Authority OQZ
Flag of Beltran-Levya Beltran-Levya BLO
Flag of Big Grass Big Grass BGR
Flag of Binary Counts Binary Counts REH
Flag of Bismarck Bismarck BIS
Flag of Black Canyon Black Canyon YMP
Flag of Blue Rose Society Blue Rose Society EDA
Flag of Bone Dancers Bone Dancers BDT
Flag of Broken Coast Broken Coast BRK
Flag of Caesar's Legion Caesar's Legion CES
Flag of Carbon Carbon CAR
Flag of Carcass Walkers Carcass Walkers CCW
Flag of Chemult Station Chemult Station CHE
Flag of Cherokee Nation Cherokee Nation CHR
Flag of Chichen Itza Chichen Itza ITZ
Flag of Chickasaw-Muscogee Coalition Chickasaw-Muscogee Coalition CMC
Flag of Choctaw Nation Choctaw Nation CHO
Flag of Church of the Silo Church of the Silo ATM
Flag of Ciphers Ciphers PNT
Flag of Circle Junction Circle Junction INR
Flag of Claim Jumpers Claim Jumpers CLJ
Flag of Costa Cafeinada Costa Cafeinada CAF
Flag of Cowboy Country Cowboy Country COW
Flag of Crazy Horns Crazy Horns CRZ
Flag of Crow Creek Crow Creek LAP
Flag of Cult of Liberty Cult of Liberty HVR
Flag of Cypher Warband Cypher Warband CWB
Flag of Dam Busters Dam Busters DAM
Flag of Dead Horses Dead Horses DEA
Flag of Deadline Deadline DED
Flag of Desperados Desperados DSP
Flag of Dramatae Dramatae DRA
Flag of Dredgers Dredgers DRE
Flag of Dryblowers Dryblowers DRY
Flag of Dundurn Dundurn DUN
Flag of Eagle Rock Eagle Rock EAG
Flag of Eastport Eastport EAS
Flag of Eden Eden EDN
Flag of Eighties Eighties EHT
Flag of Ejército Mexicano Ejército Mexicano ARM
Flag of Elko Posse Elko Posse PAL
Flag of Eureka Eureka EUR
Flag of Fallen Creed Fallen Creed SAN
Flag of Far Son Far Son PRO
Flag of Foragers Foragers FOR
Flag of Four Fathers Four Fathers RMT
Flag of Fourways Fourways FOU
Flag of Free Fighters Free Fighters FFI
Flag of Gator Maws Gator Maws GAM
Flag of Gente Del Sol Gente Del Sol GDH
Flag of Glowbugs Glowbugs GLW
Flag of Glow's Cradle Glow's Cradle GLC
Flag of Grabber Territory Grabber Territory GRA
Flag of Guardians Guardians GRD
Flag of Guerreros de Honduras Guerreros de Honduras GRH
Flag of Haida Confederation Haida Confederation HAI
Flag of Heaven's Gate Heaven's Gate HEA
Flag of High Chapel High Chapel HGH
Flag of Highland Watch Highland Watch SIE
Flag of Historians Historians HST
Flag of Houston Rockets Houston Rockets HRO
Flag of Iron Alliance Iron Alliance IRN
Flag of Iron Confederacy Iron Confederacy IRC
Flag of Ironmongers Ironmongers IMO
Flag of Jackals Jackals JAC
Flag of Jacksons Jacksons JCK
Flag of Kamlo Kamlo KAM
Flag of Kingdom of Manitoba Kingdom of Manitoba BRA
Flag of Klamath Klamath KLA
Flag of Koover Koover BEL
Flag of Lanius's Cohort Lanius's Cohort LAC
Flag of Las Granjas Las Granjas LGS
Flag of Loid's Ministry Loid's Ministry LOI
Flag of Lone Star Lone Star LNS
Flag of Lonetree Lonetree LON
Flag of Lord's Anointed Lord's Anointed ANO
Flag of Los Los LOS
Flag of Lost Hills Lost Hills BOS
Flag of Lubbock Lubbock LUB
Flag of Luminous Ones Luminous Ones LUM
Flag of Lunar Legion Lunar Legion LUL
Flag of MacArthur MacArthur MCA
Flag of Marrow Drinkers Marrow Drinkers MDT
Flag of Marshall Republic Marshall Republic MRR
Flag of Max Sec Max Sec MXS
Flag of Maxson Expedition Maxson Expedition MXC
Flag of Mescalero Nation Mescalero Nation MES
Flag of Metis Congress Metis Congress MTC
Flag of Metal Mouths Metal Mouths MET
Flag of Middlemark Middlemark MDM
Flag of Mirelurk Tribe Mirelurk Tribe MLT
Flag of Modoc Modoc MOD
Flag of Mojave Chapter Mojave Chapter MOJ
Flag of Mojave Territories Mojave Territories MOT
Flag of Montana Chapter Montana Chapter MNC
Flag of Murtaugh Reformers Murtaugh Reformers MUR
Flag of Navajo Navajo NAV
Flag of Navarro Territories Navarro Territories NAT
Flag of New California Republic New California Republic NCR
Flag of New Canaan New Canaan NCN
Flag of New Hammond New Hammond HAM
Flag of New Reno New Reno NEW
Flag of New Vegas New Vegas VEG
Flag of New Victoria New Victoria VIC
Flag of Niitsitapi Niitsitapi NIT
Flag of Northern Khans Northern Khans KHA
Flag of Nuevo Aztlan Nuevo Aztlan ATE
Flag of Olympus Tribe Olympus Tribe OLY
Flag of Ouroboros Ouroboros ORO
Flag of Packers Packers PAC
Flag of Painted Rock Painted Rock PAR
Flag of Passkeepers Passkeepers PAS
Flag of Paz Bandits Paz Bandits BLP
Flag of Pecos Colony Pecos Colony PEC
Flag of Petro Chico Petro Chico PET
Flag of Pleasantdale Pleasantdale PLT
Flag of Port Maw Port Maw PMR
Flag of Protectron Security Hub Protectron Security Hub PSH
Flag of Rad Hazards Rad Hazards URA
Flag of Reclamation Army Depot Reclamation Army Depot RAD
Flag of Republic of the Rio Grande Republic of the Rio Grande RRG
Flag of Republic of Three Rivers Republic of Three Rivers WPG
Flag of Rib Breakers Rib Breakers RBT
Flag of Riperult Territory Riperult Territory RIP
Flag of Roach King Roach King RCK
Flag of Robot City Robot City ROB
Flag of Rogue Rangers Rogue Rangers DES
Flag of Rotpurgers Rotpurgers ROT
Flag of Ruby Valley Refuge Ruby Valley Refuge RUB
Flag of Ruminators Ruminators BTH
Flag of Rusty Hooks Rusty Hooks RHO
Flag of Safehaven Safehaven VSH
Flag of Scorpion's Bite Scorpion's Bite SCO
Flag of Scrappers Compact Scrappers Compact SCA
Flag of Shale's Army Shale's Army SHA
Flag of Shi Shi SHI
Flag of Shoshone Nation Shoshone Nation SHO
Flag of Site Y Site Y SIY
Flag of Sinaloa Cartel Sinaloa Cartel SIN
Flag of Sky Reavers Sky Reavers SKY
Flag of Slags Slags Sla
Flag of S'Lanter S'Lanter SLN
Flag of Sleepers Sleepers SLE
Flag of Sorrows Sorrows SOR
Flag of Sons of Kaga Sons of Kaga SOK
Flag of Standing Rock Standing Rock STR
Flag of State of Moose Jaw State of Moose Jaw MJW
Flag of Stoon Dandies Stoon Dandies STN
Flag of Storm Mongers Storm Mongers STM
Flag of Strathcommune Strathcommune STC
Flag of Summers Federation Summers Federation SUF
Flag of Sun Dogs Sun Dogs SUN
Flag of Syilx Nation Syilx Nation SYN
Flag of Tar Walkers Tar Walkers TAR
Flag of Texan Arms Association Texan Arms Association TAA
Flag of Texan Brotherhood Texan Brotherhood TBH
Flag of The Apostles The Apostles DIS
Flag of The Blighted Woods The Blighted Woods RRR
Flag of The Carthaginians The Carthaginians CAR
Flag of The Cause The Cause TCA
Flag of The Chained Choir The Chained Choir CHC
Flag of The Damned The Damned DMM
Flag of The Den The Den TDN
Flag of The Divide The Divide MOS
Flag of The Executives The Executives EXE
Flag of The Flawed Parish The Flawed Parish BRE
Flag of The Fringe The Fringe FRN
Flag of The Gateway The Gateway TPA
Flag of The Grand Duchy of Langenburg The Grand Duchy of Langenburg DLN
Flag of The Great Stampede The Great Stampede STA
Flag of The Last Lodge The Last Lodge TLL
Flag of The Last Patrol The Last Patrol TLP
Flag of The Last Redoubt The Last Redoubt TLR
Flag of The Old Believers The Old Believers TOB
Flag of The Old Bones The Old Bones TOB
Flag of The Old Country The Old Country TOC
Flag of The Order The Order OST
Flag of The Patrolmen The Patrolmen TPM
Flag of The Pioneer Company The Pioneer Company COM
Flag of The Pursuant The Pursuant PER
Flag of The Rapids The Rapids RAP
Flag of The Reservation The Reservation RES
Flag of The Timberline The Timberline TIM
Flag of The Viceroyalty The Viceroyalty TVR
Flag of Tierra de los Tzotzil Tierra de los Tzotzil TDT
Flag of Timekeepers Timekeepers CLK
Flag of Tlalocan Tlalocan TLA
Flag of Tohono Nation Tohono Nation TON
Flag of Troll Warren Troll Warren TRL
Flag of Tubeheads Tubeheads TUB
Flag of TV Town TV Town TVT
Flag of Twin Mothers Twin Mothers TTM
Flag of Two Peoples Two Peoples TPL
Flag of Two Sun Two Sun TWO
Flag of Uintah Uintah UIN
Flag of Umbra Umbra UMB
Flag of Unbound Unbound UNB
Flag of Unity of Austin Unity of Austin UOA
Flag of Valle Bandits Valle Bandits BVC
Flag of Vault 27 Vault 27 VLS
Flag of Vault 37 Vault 37 VTS
Flag of Vault City Vault City VLT
Flag of Vipers Vipers VIP
Flag of Washington Brotherhood Washington Brotherhood WBH
Flag of White Legs White Legs WHT
Flag of Withered Dogs Withered Dogs WHD
Flag of Yakama Nation Yakama Nation YAK
Flag of Yakuza Territories Yakuza Territories YKZ
Flag of Yellowstone Park Yellowstone Park ROS
Flag of Whistler Whistler WHI

Nations After Game Start

Country Tag
Flag of Alamo Chapter Alamo Chapter ACH
Flag of Baja State Baja State BJS
Flag of Eastern Umbra Eastern Umbra EMB
Flag of Ejército Libertador del Sur Ejército Libertador del Sur ZAP
Flag of Excan Tlahtoloyan Excan Tlahtoloyan MOC
Flag of Farfield Warband Farfield Warband FAR
Flag of Imperio Mexicano Imperio Mexicano MAX
Flag of State of Utobitha State of Utobitha UTO
Flag of Steel Rangers Steel Rangers SRG
Flag of Texan Louisiana Territories Texan Louisiana Territories TLT
Flag of The Think Tank The Think Tank TNK
Flag of Thunderbirds Thunderbirds THN
Flag of Phoenix Republic Phoenix Republic PHR
Flag of Paullus Warband Paullus Warband PLS

Releasable Nations

Country Tag
Flag of Blackfoot Blackfoot BLK
Flag of Brigham Barons Brigham Barons BRI
Flag of Fiends Fiends FIE
Flag of Flagstaff Flagstaff FLA
Flag of Forgehold of Gimli Forgehold of Gimli GIM
Flag of Fort Verity Fort Verity FVR
Flag of Frisco City Frisco City FRI
Flag of Hualapai Hualapai HUA
Flag of Jacobstown Jacobstown JCT
Flag of Lambda Tribe Lambda Tribe LAM
Flag of Red Sun Republic Red Sun Republic RSR
Flag of Stained Backs Stained Backs STB
Flag of Ten Signs Ten Signs TSI
Flag of Twisted Hairs Twisted Hairs TWI
Flag of Mojave Khans Mojave Khans GKH
Flag of Mojave Raiders Mojave Raiders MRA
Flag of Noemen Tribes Noemen Tribes NOE
Flag of Wendover Republic Wendover Republic WEN
Flag of Western Apache Western Apache WAP

Custom Game Rule Nations

Country Tag
Flag of Boomers Boomers BOO
Flag of Equestria Equestria MLP
Flag of Kaiser's Legion Kaiser's Legion KSR
Flag of Minutemen Minutemen MTM
Flag of North Pole Enclave North Pole Enclave NPE
Flag of Texan Enclave Texan Enclave TCL
Flag of The Commander's Arsenal The Commander's Arsenal CRA
Flag of The Final Feast The Final Feast TRK
Flag of Turkish Expedition Turkish Expedition TRK
Flag of Zetans Zetans UFO

Inaccessible Nations

Country Tag
Flag of Appalachian Expedition Appalachian Expedition BAP
Flag of Arizona Arizona ARZ
Flag of Colorado State Colorado State COL
Flag of Gulf Brotherhood Gulf Brotherhood BGF
Flag of Lyon's Brotherhood Lyon's Brotherhood BLS
Flag of Midwest Brotherhood Midwest Brotherhood BMW
Flag of New Mexico State New Mexico State NMS
Flag of The United States of America The United States of America USA

Removed Nations

Country Tag
Flag of Ant Ant ATT
Flag of Antelope Tribe Antelope Tribe ANT
Flag of Bank End Bandits Bank End Bandits BKB
Flag of Baron's Republic Baron's Republic BAR
Flag of Biggar Gang Biggar Gang BIG
Flag of Black Sun Black Sun BSU
Flag of Boneyard State Boneyard State BON
Flag of Brotherhood of Mars Brotherhood of Mars BOM
Flag of Bumblebee Bumblebee BUM
Flag of County of Yorkton County of Yorkton YRK
Flag of Dayglow Dayglow DAY
Flag of Desert Rangers Desert Rangers DES
Flag of Doushou Lu Doushou Lu DSL
Flag of Elbo Elbo ELB
Flag of Entrance Entrance ENT
Flag of Fairy Glen Fairy Glen FRG
Flag of Forlorn Union Forlorn Union SAN
Flag of Fort Cap Hell Fort Cap Hell CPH
Flag of Hexie Lu Hexie Lu HXL
Flag of Ires Ires IRE
Flag of Jicarilla Jicarilla JIC
Flag of Mad Trains Mad Trains MTR
Flag of Mosquito Mosquito MSQ
Flag of Mount Thorn Mount Thorn THO
Flag of Neutral Zone Neutral Zone NEU
Flag of Nordikon Nordikon NOR
Flag of Nunavut Nunavut NUN
Flag of Penance Seekers Penance Seekers PEN
Flag of Pharohs Pharohs PHA
Flag of Prince Albert's Privateers Prince Albert's Privateers PAP
Flag of Red Canyon Red Canyon REC
Flag of Red Range Redoubt Red Range Redoubt RRR
Flag of Riding Mountain Mooseketeers Riding Mountain Mooseketeers RMM
Flag of Rupertsland Trading Company Rupertsland Trading Company HBC
Flag of San Francisco Chapter San Francisco Chapter BSF
Flag of Santa Muerte Santa Muerte SMR
Flag of Scorpions Scorpions SCR
Flag of Snowmads Snowmads SNO
Flag of Strasbourg's Sparkblades Strasbourg's Sparkblades SBR
Flag of Sunset Saloon Sunset Saloon SSS
Flag of Termite Termite TER
Flag of The Boggy March The Boggy March BGC
Flag of The Great Breach The Great Breach BRE
Flag of The King's Own Duck Mountaineers The King's Own Duck Mountaineers DUK
Flag of The Rio Chapter The Rio Chapter RIO
Flag of Thradd’s Legion Thradd’s Legion THR
Flag of Tierra Tierra TLO
Flag of Vermilion-Wainwright Vermilion-Wainwright VER
Flag of Yellowjacket Yellowjacket YLJ
Flag of Wakaw Wakaw WAK
Flag of Wasp Wasp WSP
Flag of Western Enclave Western Enclave ENC
Flag of Whitecourt Whitecourt WHC