Old World Blues patch 3.4.9

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Update 3.4.9 was released on January 18, 2022.

Patch notes

Steam Workshop page.

Major Features


- Added several tooltips to newly made generals to show their stats ala Equestria at War style.


- Changed generic super mutant ministers to be available to Troll Warren as they used to be.

- Changed doctrines back to technologies instead of the new system introduced in the 1.11 update.

- Changed how we call the characters in the Last Patrol event ‘First Election of the Republic of Oklahoma’ to make sure the characters transfer correctly.


- Fixed a typo in ‘Dousing the Phoenix’ legion event.

- Fixed Vulpse having a broken image as an operative.

- Fixed issues with Think Tank focuses missing localisation.

- Fixed Cypher Warband event "We Will Overcome!" adding a bonus to doctrine research speed instead of cost

- Fixed generic tribal idea "High chief III" adding a bonus to doctrine research speed instead of cost.

- Fixed Vulpes being a general when you had the La Resistance DLC.

- Fixed issues of some development tooltips being off by 1 because of how the variables were being set to increase it.

- Fixed ability to exploit continuous focuses for infinite rewards.

- Fixed forming the Rio Technate not making Lady of the Bells the country leader.

- Fixed tooltips in the shared industry branch of the Cherokee, CMC and Choctaw to display correct values.

- Fixed illegal layout for the Mojave Territories NCR Rangers template.

- Fixed Troll Warren advisors traits missing localisation.

- Fixed ‘Texas Calling!’ decision only being 1 day instead of 240 days.

- Fixed crash from retiring Caesar as the character system is perfect and not a waste of time.

- Fixed typo in the description for ‘The First Chorister’ leader.

- Fixed typos in several localisation strings.

- Fixed Houston Rockets not having advisors.


- Removed completion reward from the focus ‘A New Strain’ as it gives something upon selection of the focus.

- Removed hidden check on a few mutant advisors limiting them to Jacobstown only.

- Removed starting cores for the Legion civil war tags because paradox auto adds them for some reason.

Technical Changes

- Reverted doctrines, this includes the effects to cost reduction for the new system, back to the old system as there are plans to use the new system for other uses.

- Moved the notification_popups_l_english.yml file to the correct location.

- Massive change to how we transfer leaders between nations. Should be far more consistent and without issues. This will not be save game compatible.

- Mass optimization changes to the diplomacy triggers. If you edited the diplomacy_scripted_triggers file in your submods please check over the changes and act accordingly. This includes changes to several idea files and dynamic modifiers.

Update 3.4.9a

Update 3.4.2a was released on January 18, 2022.

Patch notes

Steam Workshop page.


- Fixed issues with diplomacy triggers.