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Update 4.0.5 was released on August 6, 2022.

Patch notes

Steam Workshop page.

Major Features

- Added models for: Behemoth, Mirelurk, Sentrybot & more!

- Integrated Minor Nation Ideas submod by Commander_Vex#2255

- Integrated Wolf Queen's Rise submod by Commander_Vex#2255

- A third round of balance changes to tech and units, potentially the final huge one for a while. A summary of the changes can be found below and the full changelog can be found here: https://pastebin.com/WCKVkkQg

- Research Ahead of Time penalty increased from 0.6 to 1.0 and base research cost itself decreased by 15%. Some specific categories of techs given slight increases or decreases.

- 4 New Units added: Motorized variants of Recon, Medical Chems, Logistics and Maintenance.

- Anti-Air and planes given huge changes. AA will be more effective at shooting down planes but less effective at reducing CAS damage without further upgrades or other sources of Air Attack. CAS missions and planes both made less effective at base, Strategical Bombers and Blimps given slight buffs.

- Breakthrough for Energy, Ballistic and Melee equipment made more comparable, Spec Ops and Power Armor given minor positive adjustments, enforcers given a handful of small nerfs to defense, breakthrough and speed.

- Increases to Hard Attack for Anti-Tank, Fireteams and Demolitions and decreases to organization. Some piercing values increased for dealing with high armor early on. Demolitions also slightly buffed. Power Armor Support also given more scaling into the late game.

- Small buffs to Dogs, Chems made to also grant recovery rate to divisions, Recon and Maintenance adjusted. Logistics equipment capture ratio replaced with Initiative to be a mix of normal logistics and base game signal companies.

- Small nerfs to Motorized Enforcers and buffs to Motorized Demolitions and Fireteams. Small buff to Tanks alongside nerfs to Vehicle in-between techs.

- Robots given higher reliability, recruitable population cost on efficiency techs slightly reduced.

- Miscellaneous adjustments to land doctrines as well as the Perks and Doctrine School for players with No Step Back. Includes additions of the Initiative and Coordination stats from No Step Back, quality of life changes to Radios and many fixes to malfunctioning doctrine effects.

- Adjustments to many minor techs. Communication techs now grant Coordination, Agriculture and Habitation techs made more effective, resource generation buildings such as Foundries given buffs to base production.


- Added a custom gamerule and detailed AI strategy and path weights for the New California Republic, New Reno and Eureka

- Added new advisors to the set of generic advisors given to Settler, Tribal and Raider nations by default

- Added two more options to make people angry in Redding

- Added more content for Eureka’s hubologist path

- Added proper support company units with custom icons for motorized maintenance, medical chems, logistics and recon - Added unit icons for the 3 CnC attachments and tooltips explaining them for new and returning players

- Added a decision for Lonetree when Wild Wasteland is turned off that grants rewards for controlling certain states without granting the actual Longtree formable nation that is Wild Wasteland only

- Added a starting idea to Chemult Station as well as a unit leader description and a decision reward for defeating Bone Dancers

- Added a new in-between tech to the Air tech tree and changed Transport Gliders to only require Tribal Air Tech to unlock

- Added a portrait for Free Man (you fool!)

- Added a new flag and a cosmetic name for Van Graffs in Reno

- Added ideology icons for Sun Dogs, Van Graffs and Lambda Tribe

- Added a new cosmetic tag for TV-Town!

- Added scavenging to Lost Hills which can now be unlocked by completing a specific focus

- Added ability to get scientific industry for Lost Hills which can be unlocked by completing a number of focuses

- Added off-site civilian workshops reward to several focuses in Lost Hills tree

- Added sophisticated robot technology to the Reclamation Army Depot

- Added a military theorist to Vault City

- Added bypasses to a large amount of wargoal focuses so if you own the land of the nation you are taking it from it will bypass

- Added flags and cosmetic names for the Vault City puppets: Yakuza, Vipers, S’lanter, Slags, New Reno, Modoc and Jackals

- Added Moore as a field marshal when she takes power in the NCR

- Added a cosmetic name for Shi, when they join the NCR

- Added some missing puppet flags for the NCR

- Added a new unit leader in focus "Mutant Integration" for the NCR

- Added generic portraits for a Midwestern Brotherhood culture! Now in use in: The Cause, Washington Brotherhood, and Montana Chapter

- Added a new formable for Shi elites path

- Added an unique ideology icon for the Steel Rangers

- Added Basic and Intermediate Vehicle Tech to Highland Watch at gamestart as intended

- Added a decision for Max Sec to join the NCR if Arroyo doesn’t exist

- Added a leader for Regulators in Eureka

- Added formables for the Electorate

- Added cores on all of New Reno core states for NCR in "Another Seat in the Congress" focus

- Added to Lost Hills state’s starting industry

- Added implant equipment and caravan equipment to the Metal Mouths

- Added intermediate vehicle tech back to Caesar’s Legion

- Added a description to New Hammond’s glass production idea

- Added settler PA tech level to Bank End Bandits

- Added Arroyo and Eureka to the “Strengthen Nations” section of custom gamerules

- Added a script that makes many of the targets of Thunderbirds request and accept military access from each other when both at war with them

- Added a scripted focus order for MacArthur AI to make them act more intelligently

- Added supply nodes to states in Baron’s Eyrie

- Added more population and building slots to some states in Oregon, Nevada and the Rio Grande Republic

- Added 2 military factories to the Navarro Territories in the east at gamestart


- Changed and overhauled the focus rewards for the NCR, including focus length changes, many buffs or quality of life tweaks and an unlockable 5th research slot from the focus The Bear Roars

- Changed and largely buffed many of the advisors for the NCR

- Changed Radio equipment in the Trooper Warfare section of the Conventional Warfare doctrine to be unlocked for production 2 doctrine techs before your units begin to require it

- Changed many focuses in the Heaven’s Gate tree to be stronger and more varied

- Changed a portrait for Keene in Jacobstown

- Changed the effects of almost all of the Design Companies, Major Businesses and Pre-War Businesses to be more balanced and unique

- Changed, and in some places overhauled, the effects of all the unit leader traits for balance

- Changed the effects of many of the generic advisor traits

- Changed many of the AI’s priorities for research and production to be more sensical and intelligent

- Changed ownership of some provinces in Colorado to make the borders of Withered Dogs look nicer

- Changed some of the effects and focus lengths for many focuses in the New Reno and Vault City trees as well as the NCR and Vault City puppet trees

- Changed the costs of organization equipment to be slightly higher and scale in discount from opinion much slower

- Changed the effects of some generic caps decisions and organization opinion decisions slightly for balance

- Changed non core manpower values for outsider laws

- Changed a few icons to remove image artifacting

- Changed the political power cost of Lost Hill’s political and paladin recruitment focuses to be half of what it was before

- Changed some focuses in the lost hills paladin branches to give slightly different rewards

- Changed TV-Town’s first few focus branches so that it’s easier to complete

- Changed paladins to use implants

-- Changed several construct decisions for Lost Hills, which are now named relocate, to clarify what the actual effect does

- Changed Iron Knightdom to be back from the depths of the Wild Wasteland

- Changed Lost Hills tree so that completing focuses in the reclaiming bunker branch now unlocks claims and cores on specific states

- Changed the effects of some White Legs focuses to be slightly stronger


- Fixed Mora's Fate event in Paullus Warband

- Fixed non-existent focus being referenced in Paullus Warband "The Future" event

- Fixed the tech which granted implants to vehicles not being visible and being obtainable by the AI accidentally

- Fixed Arroyo Quiet Return not giving you the leader you want

- Fixed issues of Sun Dogs events/decisions having errors with division template code

- Fixed Sun Dogs code referencing old Dog Equipment names

- Fixed Queen Victoria VI description being misnamed

- Fixed the 215th forgetting about attacking Protectron Security Hub

- Fixed the Cause fighting over MacArthur

- Fixed NCR focus to support Vault City elections to show correct values

- Fixed NCR puppet tree not giving proper leaders to some nations

- Fixed Steel Rangers not having Llwyd as their country leader

- Fixed missing loc for Steel Rangers events

- Fixed the Strathcommune 6 front war event from firing repeatedly

- Fixed Steel Rangers not joining the NCR faction

- Fixed Steel Rangers not getting proper buffs to "Steel Rangers Army Corps" idea

- Fixed H&H tools tech having a bad description

- Fixed Iron Alliance not joining Lanius against Hangdogs despite being in the faction

- Fixed Keats leaving the Unity of Austin

- Fixed Vault City not getting the proper idea when they contact NCR

- Fixed Gordon of Gecko advisor disappearing instantly in Vault City

- Fixed Lanius losing his "Lanius Deadline" idea instantly

- Fixed NCR not inviting Summers Federation to faction in "Unlikely Heroes" focus

- Fixed Todd Howitzer leaving Texan Arms Association, if he chooses to become a puppet again

- Fixed several rail connects in Mojave Brotherhood, Heaven’s Gate, Republic or Rio Grande, and Los Ejército Mexicano

- Fixed "Another Seat in the Congress" focus not annexing New Reno properly

- Fixed "Ranger Re-Unification Treaty" focus removing advanced components from Shady Sands

- Fixed Elder Miller not being a leader in Texas Development Zone

- Fixed several loc errors for the Rogue Ranger’s advisor localisation

- Fixed typos for NCR, Eureka, Arroyo, New Reno and Three Rivers in focus trees and events

- Fixed some localisation for C27 robots to no longer incorrectly say C-22

- Fixed a bug causing Shi’s AI weights to work incorrectly

- Fixed missing or improper localisation for some unit leader traits

- Fixed agriculture techs that nations started with not actually adding their manpower amounts at gamestart

- Fixed Fusang and Free Folk not having conscription laws and therefore lacking any manpower

- Fixed the AI prioritizing organization opinion advisors extremely high


- Removed AI priority to pick ruler popularity decisions in Eighties

- Removed "Colonel" from Cassandra Moore name, when she is in charge of the NCR

- Removed one double available in a Shi focus

Technical Changes

- Fixed missing bracket in the cosmetic tags file

- Changed puppet effect in Republic of Three Rivers focus to use proper puppet effect

- New updated army banner strip

- Updated geoparser data since the map has changed

Update 4.0.5a

Update 4.0.5a was released on August 8, 2022.

Patch notes

Steam Workshop page.

Main Fix

- Fixed a crash caused by AI strategies referencing deleted tags

Additional Fixes

- Fixed Eureka “Sell Excess Convoys” not removing convoys

- Fixed capitalization for Implant Technology names

- Fixed NCR decision “Murphy Supports Workers” description to reference Murphy instead of Hayes

- Fixed loc typos in description of “City 318” focus for 215th