Old World Blues patch 4.1.15

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Update 4.1.15 was released on February 5, 2022.

Patch notes

Steam Workshop page.

Major Features

- Integrated the majority of Holypotato’s Alamo Polish submod, making various changes, additions and improvements to the focus tree and nation as a whole.

- Made several adjustments to tech balance. Summary includes buffs to Enforcers, many minor adjustments to Robots, buffs and nerfs to some unique units, small targeted reductions to research time and more. The full details can be found here: https://pastebin.com/Q1gnVfUC


- Added White Leg infantry model

- Added Generic Canadian infantry model

- Added Canadian Mountie infantry model

- Added Rebel Canadian infantry model

- Added Mercenary infantry model

- Added unique model to Nightkin unit type

- Added one or more new Unifier choices for each existing region

- Added additional crossings to the South Saskatchewan River

- Added 3 new Unifier regions: California, Arizona, Colorado-New Mexico

- Added new generic Brotherhood portraits

- Added AI scripting to make the NCR AI pursue the civil war focuses immediately should the election result in a deadlock

- Added custom peace AI scripting for Free Fighters, Metis Congress, Snowmads, Mad Trains, The Cause and Washington Brotherhood

- Added Elko Posse to the nations Ai Lynette seeks to puppet during peace conferences


- Changed the Mexico Unifier to no longer contain Gente and Las Granjas

- Changed Caps Expenses exponential scaling to be slightly more aggressive

- Changed development decisions to no longer require manpower to be visible

- Changed some first or second tiers for Conscription Laws to grant slightly more conscription

- Changed the Passive Caps bonuses from Trade Laws to be lower as the law is increased rather than higher

- Changed the Stimulus Caps Decision to grant half the development in exchange for a slightly lower price and partial caps refund based on how low the node’s development was when bought

- Changed the modifiers of some major or pre-war businesses slightly for balance

- Changed many focuses and events for Kimball to be slightly stronger or slightly altered

- Changed Allgood’s Rangers Revitalized focus for the NCR to grant additional effects

- Changed the starting industry in some states across Canada to be slightly lower

- Changed some starting national spirits buffing Robots to be slightly reduced

- Changed Kaga’s leader traits to grant slightly more Enforcer Speed again

- Changed Kaga’s starting units to have marginally more equipment

- Changed Lanius to start with slightly less stockpiled chariots and slightly more population in his starting states

- Changed Shale and his general Masticator to have appropriately high starting stats

- Changed Troll Warren’s starting units to have slightly less experience

- Changed a focus for Troll Warren’s top right path to grant slightly more infantry equipment

- Changed the values of the modifier for the NCR advisor Oscar Stone slightly

- Changed the NCR AI to prioritize its choice of advisors and where to use its industry more intelligently

- Changed many aspects of general peace AI to make peace deals more sensible

- Changed peace AI to be slightly more optimized for performance in peace deals

- Changed AI to much more aggressively spend caps on decisions

- Changed AI to prioritize research of techs for Encryption, Decryption and Habitation less

- Changed AI production priorities to better handle infantry equipment demand

- Changed AI production priorities to more effectively prioritize planes above Gliders when available


- Fixed Wardens of the White recruitment and training laws for The Old Country

- Fixed the Wendover and Robot City trade nodes lacking trade routes when spawned

- Fixed many crossings intended to be present on the Snake River being improperly set

- Fixed Robot City being able to start certain foci before Warden defeats the Hangdogs

- Fixed Caesar’s Legion occasionally starting the game with -35 political power

- Fixed various instances of “the the” in localization

- Fixed Eagle Rock divisions instantly disappearing once time starts

- Fixed a typo in the NCR event “A United Front”

- Fixed Robot tech not using the properly assigned models

- Fixed the Laser Rifle model specular map making them appear too bright

- Fixed Basic Weaponry not using the custom Varmint Rifle model appropriately

- Fixed Lost Hills Paladin name list not functioning correctly

- Fixed Rogue Rangers and Guardians not properly receiving a full NCR puppet tree

- Fixed a Shared Attis Army tree focus mistakenly being 20 days instead of 30

- Fixed missing localisation for a Stoon national spirit

Technical Changes

- Changed leader triggers in the Legion tree

- Minor changes to AI battle planning

Update 4.1.15a

Update 4.1.9a was released on February 5, 2022.

Patch notes

Steam Workshop page.


- Fixed a doctrine tech in Automated Warfare which incorrectly gave a far larger Hardness modifier than intended