Old World Blues patch 4.1.6

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Update 4.1.6 was released on November 5, 2022.

Patch notes

Steam Workshop page.

Major Features

- Added two new collab focus trees for The Troll Warren and Gimli activated by the game rule Anbennar Blues


- Added new starting oobs for BRA, BGS and DUK

- Added unique puppet icons for the Kingdom of Manitoba

- Added a new portrait for Fourways leader

- Added some unique recruitment laws for the aforementioned Troll Warren collab tree

- Integrated Legion of Hades Expanded submod

- Added missing traits to Baja state trigger


- Changed interesting countries on the Texas bookmark

- Changed puppet status of Baja State to Protected State


- Fixed Twin Mothers becoming capitulated on their exile to Paradise

- Fixed the Republic of Texas not showing up properly after completing PRT last focus

- Fixed Montana Chapter’s Midwest tooltip not having localization

- Fixed Vegas’s “Burying the Hatchet” focus always being bypassed

- Fixed Twin Mothers’ “Robot Refugees” focus renaming the wrong province

- Fixed ultracite focus icon not being defined properly

- Fixed Lanius not becoming a country leader in the Legion (For real this time I hope, since this game keeps surprising me)

- Fixed NCR "Loaded for a Bear" focus not giving claims and wargoals properly

- Fixed Metis not having Power Armor for sentinels

Update 4.1.6a

Update 4.1.6a was released on November 5, 2022.

Patch notes

Steam Workshop page.


- Missing flags on the last part of the Varina tree to regain the necronomicon caused hidden focuses to not appear as you could not regain the necronomicon